Saturday, April 26, 2014


No. P3/2-75/Vellore                                                                         Dt. 25.04.2014.


Shri. Mervin Alexander, IPS.,
Postmaster General,
ChennaiCity Region,
Chennai600 002.

Respected Sir,

         Sub: Unruly behavior of Sr. Postmaster  ,  Vellore HPO   and unleashing of Trade
                 Union Victimization against the  Union Office  bearers  at Vellore Division
                 inviting series  of Trade Union actions disturbing  Industrial Peace at
                 Vellore Division – Request for personal  intervention of  PMG,CCR – Reg.

         Ref: This union  letter  dt. 15.04.2014.

The kind and personal attention of our PMG is invited to   this union reference  cited, wherein  we have  discussed at length about the unruly behavior  and  activities of the   Sr.  Postmaster,  and  requested  for a detailed enquiry with the staff immediately.

Besides, we have requested  to take action, so as to stop victimization of the union office bearers, those who have taken part in the  informal meeting held with the Sr. Postmaster and to cancel the arbitrary issuance of the transfer orders of the SSPOs., Vellore issued on  our Divisional President, who is certified as a good worker by the  earlier administrations.

But to our dismay,  it is observed that ,  instead of  making a thorough enquiry on this issue , the  SSPOs., Vellore Dn., himself  has taking  side, and  sending   negative reports , on the  union office bearers ,  of his own, to the higher authorities, even without conducting ground level enquiry or even without relying on the  statements of the  witnesses already  recorded.

Further, the  Postmaster, Vellore has issued  charge sheet against  our Divisional Secretary ,  for the  Medical Leave already he  availed during  period  from 22.7.13, stating  that  the leave was not  granted properly. Similarly, while our   President  Sri. B. Amruthaganesan  applied  EL on MC from 12.4.2014,  his leave period  was declared as unauthorized absence  by the Sr. Postmaster and  arbitrary orders were issued to  withhold his pay and allowances, even without waiting  for  getting  report from the Dist. Medical  Board.                                                                                                                                                                
Such actions of the Local  Administration , further aggravating  the   situation and spoiling the  conducive working atmosphere  at  Vellore Division.  Even though   the  timely intervention of the Circle Union with good intention and on the assurances of the PMG, CCR,  has stopped, the   announced struggle at Vellore  and stopped the circulation of  notices, we are now in a thrust to  go ahead  for  Regional level programme of action against the atrocities  of the  Vellore Divisional administration.  

Even now , we are having a ray of  hope on our PMG,  for  his  judicious intervention  and we request that

i)  the  arbitrary  transfer orders issued to our  Divisional President  Sri. B. Amrutha ganesan should be  cancelled  immediately,  If his presence is felt by the Divl. administration, to be a hindrance for a free and fair enquiry, why  similar yardstick not applied in the case of Sr. Postmaster,  Vellore ?   

ii)  the arbitrary withholding of  pay and allowances against our Divisional President, Sri. B. Amruthaganesan,  made  by the Postmaster, Vellore should be withdrawn immediately . There is no provision  in any rule  to  withhold  the pay and allowances for a case already referred to the Regional Director of Health Services for  second medical opinion.

iii)  the rude victimizations unleashed against the  union office bearers should be stopped  immediately,  besides  dropping the  charge sheet issued against our Divisional Secretary,  Sri. S. Veeran by the Sr. Posstmaster, for the  leave already he availed , 9 months back.  It is to mention here that, being  Sri. S. Veeran is  P.A. Vellore Fort and  the entire dely  Estt. of  vellore Fort is attached with Vellore HO for the time being ,  the Sr. Postmaster is not to be the Disc. Authority   in his case and  the issuance of the charge sheet itself is illegal.

Expecting justice  from our  PMG on this  confrontation made by the Divl. level Officers against our Trade  Union  .

With   regards,