Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What Is CSI ? What Is Going To Happen In The Future In Post Offices

What is CSI?

Core system Integrator or in short CSI is a new software which will replace our legacy meghdoot modules completely. 

Yes all software which we are using now like Meghdoot Point Of Sale, Treasury, Sub Accounts, Accounts and Accountant module will be replaced by

  1. CSI Point Of Sale
  2. CSI Back Office and
  3. SAP
All our day to day transaction will be done using the above three new software only. These new software are developed by TCS and trust me they have done a great job. They have brought everything under one roof.

Not only operational post offices, but administrative offices like divisional offices, regional and circle offices must use CSI SAP module to do their daily works. 

Every thing is well organised in this new software. But the learning curve is a little steep. Counter operations are all bit easy but when it comes to the SAP part, things get really rough.

Our day to day work in sub offices is mostly done using CSI Point of Sale (PoS) and CSI Back Office softwares only.

With the help of these new products which we are going to use soon, our work will be greatly reduced.

The duplication of work which we had to do will now completely be gone. Previously, whatever transactions we do at sub offices, were again had to be done at HO using Sub accounts and accounts module, the same transactions are to again accounted for in Circle Offices and again at the directorate level.

This repetition of work will completely be gone. Since all the transactions which take place at Sub offices or even branch offices will be stored in a central location and hence need not fed again in the system.We haven't got the official confirmation but, we think that there will not be any more SO daily accounts, schedules and stuff any more. Just do your work, tally the money and go home. Isn't it great? Yes absolutely.

But the only problem is getting used to the new software. No problem, just keep following our blog and you will be doing good.

courtesy: SAPOST