Friday, October 30, 2009


Drop all measures to merge SROs with Head Post Offices and reject the recommendations of PMG Kurnool.

Stop merging RMS Offices having more than 10,000 mails in violation of agreement between the Department and the Staff Side.

Stop all negative moves of merger / abolition of RMS Divisions; CRCs; ROs; Transit Sections; and Night Sets.

Drop all moves towards privatisation / outsourcing of MMS functions.

Implementation of Arbitration Award on OTA; Revise OSA; and refix ceiling for entitlement for drawal of OTA.

Recruitment of required Drivers and Work Shop Staff.

Filling up the vacant posts of Assistant Managers in MMS; Mail Guards and MSE staff in RMS.

Abolish all GDS MM posts in RMS and regularise the existing GDS MM as MSEs.

Grant Temporary Status to all eligible Casual labourers as on service on 1.9.1993; Issue immediate orders for drawal of 6th CPC wages to all RRR Candidates, Casual labourers and Contingent Staff.

Revise unscientific work norms in Speed Post and CRCs.