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One more Postal Working Class Association is supported by NFPE – ALL INDIA POSTAL & RMS PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION (AIPRPA)

Postal & RMS Pensioners Association - 1st Circular

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Circular No.01/2013                                                                                            Dated 23-09-2013


Dear Comrades / Friends / Colleagues,

We the Pensioners of the Postal Department are the largest segment of Central Government Pensioners next only to Railways and Defense. But we are one of the poorly organised sections of Pensioners amongst the CG Employees. This contradiction is to be taken very seriously considering the historical facts that it was only the movement of Postal Workers brought the first introduction of Social Security to native Government Employees in India.
History of Pension
The Indian Postal System was established in 1854. There was no pension at that time to anyone. Following the 1871 Paris Commune revolution by the working class of Paris in France that resulted in the capture of administrative power of Paris for some weeks, the European Governments were afraid of spread of such actions by workers in other places. They then introduced some social security measures and resultantly the PENSION ACT 1871 was promulgated by the British Government in India. However the benefit of pension was extended only to Anglo-Indians and some native stooges of British Government.

In the year 1880, the Postmen staff of Pune City went on an indefinite strike for 143 days. That strike was supported by the great freedom fighter Balagangadhara Tilak. The strike was successful and the British Government introduced CPF [Contributory Provident Fund] system to native government employees. This was the first victory of Postal Employees that ensured a social security in India.

Again the victory of working class in forming its own government in Soviet Union in 1917 terrified the European Governments. In that background the British Government introduced a scheme of Limited Pension to native Government Employees replacing the CPF. But there was discrimination between a Class III employee and a Class IV employee in payment of pension. It was again the historic 20 days strike of Postmen Staff called by the legendary leader V.G.Dalvi and supported by many legendary leaders like Dada Ghosh that ended the discrimination between a Class III and a Class IV employee as well as paved way for constitution of Ist CPC also that recommended Family Pension. But the Family Pension was introduced only for a period of 10 years. The 1960 Strike by CG Employees spearheaded by the Postal Workers ensured the payment of Family Pension for life. After 1968 Strike the CCS Pension Rules 1972 came into effect and even today we are governed by that rules only for payment of Pension except for those who were recruited on or after 1.1.2004. Several attempts of the Government to dilute and weaken the pension was averted by the milestone judgment of the Supreme Court of India in the famous Nakra Case delivered on 17th December, 1982.
Liberalisation attacking Social Security 
However the advent of LPG polices started attacking the Pension and other Social Security measures. Even before the enactment of  PFRDA Bill, the Government introduced New Pension Scheme for employees recruited from 1.1.2004. Now both the Houses of the Parliament adopted the PFRDA Bill with both UPA and the main opposition NDA supporting the notorious bill. Only the Left Parties opposed stoutly in the Parliament but the Government went ahead with the enactment. There will be no guarantee for any minimum Pension even under the NPS and way has been paved for the entry of FDI in the Pension Fund. The future of the entirety of CG Employees and the existing Pensioners is thus in danger. In addition to this, the L P G policies are attacking the medical facilities of the Pensioners also. The Government is considering withdrawal from its commitment to the medical needs of the Pensioners slowly. Even the recommendations of the Pay Commissions are diluted by Government Orders and Pensioners are forced to knock the doors of various Courts of the land for justice.
Need of the Hour 
The attack on the rights of the Pensioners is not isolated. It is part and parcel of the attack on the entire working class. However, it is a fact that several Organizations of the Pensioners in the country, which are consistently taking up the issues of Pensioners, could not succeed in halting the attacks on Social Securities. The reason is the inherent weakness of the Pensioners Organizations to mobilize and organize the pensioners totally. At a rough estimate we can say that more than 80% of Pensioners are unorganised and scattered and remain oblivious to the grave threat to their own pension and social security.

This situation has to be remedied urgently. It will be possible only by taking two steps. First, the Postal and RMS Pensioners, which is one of the largest contingent of Government Pensioners are to be brought under an Organization in all States and Districts. Secondly, all Central Government Pensioners Organisations on one hand and the entirety of Pensioner Organisations in the country representing Central, State Government, Teachers, PSUS and other departments shall come under one platform to defend the hard won rights of Pension and Social Security.

It is specifically in this background, we are starting this All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association with the confidence that we shall be able to bring most of the Postal Pensioners into our fold. We resolve to work  under the NCCPA [National Coordination Committee of Pensioners Associations] led by Comrade R.L.Bhattacharjee [Chairman] and senior most leader Comrade S.K.Vyas [Secretary General].
NFPE Supporting the formation
We thank the Secretary General NFPE Comrade M.Krishnan in particular and the entire NFPE organisation in general for their support extended to us in our endeavour. The NFPE Secretary General has called upon the whole NFPE Organisation to help us to build the Pensioners Organisation. We are immensely thankful to the Secretary General NFPE and all other General Secretaries of NFPE Organizations. We are strengthened very much by the stand of the NFPE and we are looking forward a leap in membership of our AIPRPA [All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association] by the support extended by NFPE, because the entire leadership of the Postal Trade Union of NFPE will be reaching out the unorganised Pensioners on our behalf.
We seek the support of other Federations 
We the Pensioners should have no difference into which trade union organisation he or she had served while in service. Similarly we have not to see any differences as to whether a Postal Pensioner was an employee or an officer. All are Postal Pensioners and a distinct class. We shall all work together to reach out all the unorganised pensioners and enrol them into our organisation. We therefore seek the support of the FNPO and BPEF Federations also in our endeavour.
All India Steering Committee
We have resolved to function as a Steering Committee with each representative for each Postal Circle. The All India Steering Committee will be headed by the following Comrades with Comrade K.Ragavendran the former Secretary General NFPE as its General Convener. The All India Steering Committee will function with:

Chairman:    Com. D.K.Rahate [Ex-NFPE President]  [Mobile: 09821031375]
Vice-ChairmanCom. T.Narasimhan [Vice-President Confederation] [0940056969]; &
General Convenor: Com. K.Ragavendran [Ex-Secretary General NFPE] [09444919295]
 Formation of State / Division / District Committees:
 A State level Postal & RMS Pensioners Association is already functioning in Delhi State. This Organisation will have a direct walk over into our Association as  State  Association. Similar  Organisations in all other States are to be formed for our Association. The District or Division level Postal & RMS Pensioners Associations already functioning if any,  anywhere, will directly walk into our organisation with their formation in tact as a District / Divisional body in the respective Circle. Wherever no such Associations are functioning, the All India Steering Committee will guide in the formation of State level Organisations as well in forming the Divisions / District Organisations.

According to the conditions and feasibility, the formation at lower levels can be either as a Divisional one or as a District one. If already Postal & RMS Comrades are functioning as a District formation and want to continue as such, there is no problem. The All India Steering Committee will help in the formation of State level Steering Committees, which in turn will help forming District level or Divisional level Steering Committees with Postal & RMS Pensioners.

With our hectic efforts to enrol membership in the base level organisations, Divisional or District Conferences shall be organised to form the new organisation at the base level before November, 2013. The existing District or Divisional level Postal & RMS Pensioners Associations need not hold any Conferences if not due according to their own calendar, but they will organise their GB Meeings to take the decision to merge with the All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association to facilitate formation of State Organisation in a State Conference / Convention to be held before the end of 31st December, 2013. The Special Conference at the All India level will be held either in January or February 2014.

Let us commence our gigantic task.

Let us reach out all unorganised Postal Pensioners

                                                                                                                                  With regards,                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                                 Comradely Yours
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