Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The gist of discussions in the 4 monthly meeting held on 23.6.2014.

          At the outset, the CPMG after assuming charge in the circle, for the first time in the 4 monthly meeting, expressed his happiness to be in our Circle and assured fullest cooperation for the unions and expected the same.  He introduced, Sri. S.C. Barmma, the new PMG-MM and also the 3 IPoS trainees who were attending as observers.  The Circle Secretary and the Circle President informed that Com. K. RAJENDRAN [C.S.R4] AND Com. S. APPANRAJ [C.S.,SBCO] would be retiring on superannuation in this month and greeted them.  The CPMG and others too joined in the greetings.

Then , while assuring our support to the administration, we drew the attention of the Circle head to certain unpleasant developments happening in certain areas and explained as follows.  It is a known fact that in the recent past, the officers in some areas, unmindful of the uncongenial working atmosphere existing in the postal department owing to Sluggish servers, malfunctioning systems, non-functioning peripherals and inadequate bandwidth of Sifi/Infosys networks causing inordinate delay in concluding the day-to-day routine works that has caused enormous mental stress on the part of employees, are causing further attacks by issuing series of charge-sheets/show-cause notices and also orders of victimization in bulk.  A case in point is the O/O GM, FINANCE, Southern Region and even in Chennai City Central Division the punishments are unleashed to create an atmosphere of terror and fear psychosis amongst capless employees.  All these points were discussed in the series of NFPE-COC meetings in the past month and as a result detailed memorandums were submitted to the CPMG on behalf of the COC as well by the respective Circle unions detailing the subjects requiring intervention of the Circle head for mitigating employees’ hardships and the withdrawal of vicitimisation topping the list as the subject of priority. 

          In continuation of our earlier memorandums, another joint letter on behalf of the NFPE-COC was given, at the outset to the CPMG before commencement of regular business.[Please refer our earlier updates in the website]  Along with all the Regional PMsG, 3 recently recruited IPos trainees were also present as observers.  On behalf of the P3, we have given a separate letter detailing the unexplainable miseries of the employees in CBS migrated offices and the sufferings of the end-users.( Pl see this also  published in our web site on 23rd).
          We categorically explained that if the attitudinal problems of certain officers that compound the miseries of already physically exhausted and mentally drained employees owing to haphazard migration of CBS without applying mind and meticulous planning are causing sparks all around.  It was urged that if the trend is not checked, the agitated employees would be forced to launch series of struggle under the banner of NFPE-COC culminating in direct industrial action.  The Circle Secretary and the Circle President dwelt on length on these issues and insisted that the victimizations have to withdrawn and a smooth congenial working atmosphere has to be ensured.  The CPMG have positively responded.  He further explained that the issues related to the CBS migration and dying servers/systems were taken up strongly with the Secretary, DOP during her visit to Chennai last week.  He further informed the following decisions:

1]  EOD would be done at C.O.  Orders would be released within a week.

2]  The issue of increasing the bandwidth for Sifi/Infosys have to be taken up on war footing.  It was assured by the Secretary to do the needful.

3]   The supply of new Servers/Systems/Peripherals have to be done by allotting adequate funds.  This would also get due priority.

As per his intervention, GM[FIN] AND PMG-SR would give special interviews to discuss the burning problems listed out including withdrawal of victimizations.  PMG-SR had given interview on 1.7.14 at 3 pm.

Then, the regular subjects Circle Union wise were taken up for discussion.  The P3 issues that were taken up was already published in our site.  For ready reference, we reproduce the same.  

1. Request  to return back the deputationists   ,  now working at C.O. / R.O./Chennai City South Division  to their parent units.

2. Problems  in deputation for training to  PTC/WCTC  .
a) Unmindful deputation of officials in large numbers to the PTC/ Local Training Centres just to cater the needs of the Training Centres. Repeated trainings on the same schedules are imparted to many in the same division . Training registers are not maintained at Divisions.
b) Directorate order no.4-3/2009-Trg dt. 11.11.2013 is not  followed by  Divl. Heads and chronic patients under illness, officials at the verge of retiring stage, women employees on family way are deputed and  harassed.
c)Eleventh hour training orders are issued to the employees for trg. In  PTC,Madurai for which no one can able to book train or bus tickets at week ends.

3.Request for  restoring  earlier business hours in Savings Bank Counters at CBS offices and request for  granting     suitable  remuneration to the officials working at Savings Bank area in CBS offices working at extended hours, since the staff could not able to   make End Of Day process  even in late  nights.

Before, concluding it was firmly insisted that the Victimisation in DPA and SR have to be withdrawn and CBS/McCamish related issues settled early.+

Fraternally yours ,