Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Task Force Committee Report
Lay Out Plan of Privatization of Department of Posts

A high power committee named as Task Force on leveraging the Post Office Network headed by Shri T.S.R. Subramaian Ex. Cabinet Secretary consisting  8 other members having expertise in other  fields was appointed by Prime Minister of India. The main object of this Committee was stated to study and make recommendations regarding leveraging the Post Office  Network in India and bring it in  line with changing market trends and the emerging competition with focus on mail and parcel services particularly in rural areas upgrading of infrastructure  and technology incorporating the best global practices available as also by introducing new services and participation  of multiple players and to make  the Department of Post financially viable.

When Task Force Committee was appointed many of our Comrades were presuming that Good Days (Achchhe Din) of Postal Department are likely to come. But it was  a question  before us  that when Govt. is attacking all sectors like Railways, Defence, Public Sector Banks, LIC & BSNL etc. Why alone Postal Department will get good days only.

NFPE leaders also met with Chairman of  Task Force  and during the  course of discussion he told that Postal Department  will be  benefited by the recommendations of Task Force and more jobs will be generated and there will be no adverse  impact on staff.

But when the report was published it was clearly an indication of Govt’s hidden agenda to corporatize the main functions of Department of Posts. Accordingly to the report the Deptt. Of Posts will be divided in to six units. i.e.
(i) Banking and financial services 
(ii) Insurance  (PLI/RPLI), 
(iii) Distribution of third party products (Services on behalf of private  parties on payment basis), 
(iv) Management of Govt. services 
(v) Parcel & Packets and 
(vi) Communication delivery

First five units are designated as strategic Business units and sixth unit will deliver mails at subsidized rates. Under Deptt. Of Posts a Holding Company “India Post (Financial and other services) Corporation ” will be formed. The Corporation will consist Board of Members and one Chairman from the Board Members.

All the five separate subsidiary Companies will also have separate Boards. In the course of time Govt.  may disinvest of its part of  Holding  and new Corporation will raise fund from share market and thereafter  will  also be listed in share market in future.

It is stated in the report that five subsidiary Companies will make profit and contribute to meet the loss of sixth unit.

The Task Force Committee has also recommended for amendment of Indian Post Office Act 1898 and to bring another Postal Act. “India Post (Financial and other services)” Corporation Act" for reorganization of Deptt. of Posts by creating new Corporate Structure.

Based on the above facts it is crystal clear that the recommendations of Task Force are a layout plan for corporatization and privatization, thereafter just like happened with Telecom Deptt.

So this is the first and foremost duty of every Postal employee to oppose this dangerous and retrograde move of Govt. of India to Corporatize and privatize the Deptt. of Post and defeat it. Entire employees should come under one banner of JCA and oppose unitedly this Task Force Committee report. Our slogan should be -

Save Postal and save India Post”

 If we allow NDA Govt. to corporatize the functions of the Deptt. of Posts, it will be the beginning of end of Govt. run Postal Services in India. The decision of Postal Joint Council of Action (NFPE, FNPO, AIPEU GDS (NFPE) and NUGDS) to go on indefinite strike from 6th May 2015 should also be strengthened further by adding the demand in the Charter of Demands. 

“No Corporatization in Postal Services”

So we should be ready for a do and die battle.