Monday, February 8, 2016



No.RJCM/2                                                                                                                 dt. 03.02.2016

The Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Sir,

            Sub: Regional Council, JCM  meeting notified to be held on 16.2.2016 – Subjects thereof- 


Before furnishing the new items for discussions, the Staff Side wants to point out the following on the recorded minutes of the RJCM meeting held on 06.08.2015, since many items were either closed without settlement or without any action against the categorical assurances recorded in the minutes. Hence the same may kindly re-opened.

1.     Request for furnishing action taken report on the charter of demands submitted by the NFPE unions on 26.03.2015 one day Statewide strike in Tamilnadu Circle.

2.     Allotment of at least a small size room to the RJCM Staff side in the recently vacated BSNL building adjacent to Anna Road HPO premises or within the Anna Road HPO premises, as assured by the Administrative side in the earlier RJCM meeting and as directed by the  Secretary Posts under item 63 in the  JCM Departmental Council meeting. Dt. 16.12.2014.

3.     Request to initiate action to have a thorough review on assessment of vacancies in PA cadre in all the Divisions, so as to fill up all the difference in vacancies between the sanctioned and working strength immediately. There is mismatch between the sanctioned and working strengths, despite taken into account of the current year vacancies announced, screening committee vacancies etc. For Eg. Namakkal, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu, Tiruvannamalai, Sivaganga, Kumbakonam, Mayiladuturai , Dindigul, Dharmapuri and Salem East divisions. Item No.31 in JCM DC meeting dt. 16.12.2014. Request to allow outsourcing as an interim measure to come over the acute shortage in these Divisions.

4.     Request to stop fixing of unrealistic norms to the indoor staff to procure RPLI policies, opening of Savings Bank Accounts, E-Posts, IMO etc . Request to stop harassment of GDS by fixing unrealistic target in procuring RPLI policies, securing Savings Bank Accounts. Threatening of officials , by frequently calling  them  at R.O. to seek explanations, for non adherence of targets , delivery performance, which is an unfair  labour practice etc. especially in SR & WR .  Now  under CR also.  

5.     Request for settlement of CBS/CIS  connected problems immediately. There is poor bandwidth connectivity and the capacity of systems are very low  and they could not even to cope up with the capacity so as to  install Windows 7 and  Symantec Antivirus in many areas. Widows 7  loaded in many offices are reportedly pirated. There is non uploading of 100% premium collections of PLI/RPLI into NIC data, which resulted in enormous public complaints after migration to Mc camish.                                                                                                                                                          
6.     Request to take action to replace outdated Computers/peripherals affecting the quality of service provided to the customers. Though reports obtained region wise for condemning the worn out/outdated systems/peripherals since 2013, nothing happened till time. Staff are facing poor network capabilities and Bandwidth also. User credential problems will be a big threat in working CBS/CIS environment, since we are dealing with day to day deputations on each and every office.
7.      Request to process the pending Rule 38  transfer cases in linking with Annual Direct Recruitment. This has not been done in the year 2014, which resulted in abnormal pendency of transfer requests. Now the notification is issued for Direct recruitment through SSC. As per the rules laid down on this subject under Vol. IV and subsequent GIO, the process of rule 38 is to be completed before chalking out  the ADR for rectt. to a particular year and vacancy in PA cadre is to be assessed by taking into account  the Rule 38 transfers.

8.     Request to settle the long pending  peripheral HRA cases of  Tambaram, Chennai City South, Salem West, Salem East, Srirangam and Dharmapuri  Divisions.  Further request to draw higher rate of HRA to the places comes under the urban agglomeration of Greater Chennai City (Metropolitan area) and other cities like Madurai/Coimbatore/Trichy areas, based on the  Census 2011   declaration.

9.     Request to settle the long pending stepping up of pay of the promotee seniors with direct recruited juniors appointed on or after 01.01.2006 cases.  Moreover, fixation of pay cases of several postman staff are also pending in many Divisions . For eg. Cases of  Pudukkottai,  Tiruvannamalai , Chengalpattu, Chennai City South Divisions etc.  These cases are reportedly pending with CIFA, as replied by the R.O. CCR.
10.   Request to redraw all the officials, those who are working beyond their prescribed tenures in sensitive post such as staff, stock vigilance etc. in Divisional offices, Regional/Circle offices, as per CVC guidelines.  For eg. officials positioned  in D.O.s  in decade and above long period  in Tambaram, Dharmapuri, Chennai North ,Chennai Central, Chennai South, Tuticorin Divisions etc. A thorough review is requested in all Divisions throughout the Circle. This was again taken up in the  last Four Monthly meeting also.

11.   Request to review the abnormal deputations and frequent trainings for WCTCs in the acute shortage scenario.  This affects the normal services badly.  In each and every Division, local training centre are opened and officials are deputed on daily basis, just to cater the need of WCTCs. The officials are deputed again and again for the same training modules. When CBS is introduced, officials are deputed for Sanchay post modules again, just to fill up the seats in WCTCs.

12.   Request for periodical maintenance of staff quarters.  This was not attended to for years-to-gether in several areas like  Teynampet, Anna Nagar, Royapettah etc.  Proposal may be taken up to replace the  sewage pipe lines,  water pipe lines in many areas , which were laid  for long back. Proposal  is also requested  for replacing cement floorings into tiles,  colour washing , cleaning of bushes etc. Agency services may be engaged for attending day to day complaints.

13.   As per BD Dte No.16-10/2000-BDD dt. 16.1.2000 Supervisory official should be posted based on the revenue generated at the BPCs, since Contract labourers are engaged and  there is every possibility of emanating  malpractices  there . They are meant for the purpose of accounting, depositing of revenue, payment, data maintenance and supervision. But instead of entrusting this work to the IPs/ASPs in major BPCs such as Chennai GPO, Anna Nagar etc. the Accountants of the office are squeezed to attend this work in addition. If any fraud occurs, they will be fixed as scapegoats and recovery  will be imposed. This should be stopped and suitable action should be taken in accordance with the Dte. guidelines. Further, the provision of incentive to the postal staff,  out of commission earned under business package is also denied by the GPO administration. Though instructed vide SR/19-88/110-RJCM dt. 20.10.2011 by the            CPMG, TN.    

14.    Non drawal of revised wages/DA and  nonpayment of arrears  from 1.1.2006 to all full time /partime Casual Labourers and nonpayment of weekly off  in Tamilnadu Circ-le, though ordered by Dte. in No. 2-53/2011-PCC dt.22.1.2015 . They are eligible for weekly off, as per  Dte. lr No.45-60/88-SPB I dt. 7.7.88 for six days continuous work, This was reiterated by CPMG, TN  in lr. No.REP/84-1/89 dt. 19.4.1990. Divisional Heads are denying their rights on the plea that there is no casual labourer working under their control, despite of issuance of orders by CPMG, TN in No. REP/84-73/11(pt) dt 8.8.13, confirming Dte. lr. No. 65-24/88-SPB I dt. 17.5.1989.

15.   Irregular fixation of TRCA to several BPMs in Kumbakonam Division, Second TRCA of 1600-40-2400 was fixed for them before implementation of Natarajamurthy Committee recommendations. Then it was reduced to the lower stage of Rs.2745-50-4245 after implementation of this Committee report, which is contrary to the Dte. Memo. No. 5-1/07-WS-I dt. 16.7.12. Though this issue was taken up by several times, this order was misconstrued and the case was negatively closed.

16.   Request to stop ordering of Combination of duty/beats to ensure proper timely public services. With the introduction of new services like Amazon and other online trading services having heavy unwieldy parcels, engaging the delivery staff for canvassing new schemes introduced like SSA etc., ever increasing number of multi-storied building resulting in vertical expansion of the beats that are not included in the distance covered and many new avenues and ventures like promotion of philately accounts, promoting the same amongst school children, collection of data/information in the prescribed forms from the Old Age Pension beneficiaries, etc have added to the workload of the postmen staff.  Apart from performing the delivery of postal articles with very high percentage everyday that is being keenly monitored by the administration, the nature of duty for delivery staff has become multi-facial and many folded involving marketing skills, canvassing abilities, liaising with important sections of the society.  But all these new additions are not taken into account when the justification for delivery staff is made.  It is further pointed out though the administration claims a major dip in the mails traffic, the fact remains that the mails traffic has been steadily increasing as submitted by our DOP before the 7th CPC.  Under these circumstances, it is requested that the regular ordering of combination of duty for delivery staff may be stopped.  To rub salt to the wound, it is unfair and unjust to order combination of beats in offices where single batch system had been introduced.  It is pertinent to note that almost all offices have been brought under single batch system.  This combination of beats result not only in addition of work load of an additional beat but also the postman is forced to travel extra to cover the distance.  And amidst the ever present traffic snarls and congestion, the covering of extra distance have become a menace. Hence, it is requested not to order Combination of duty/beats and the vacancies of the postman cadre may either be filled up early or substitutes arrangements may be made to tide over the crisis. 

17.   26. Request to review the administrative orders for asking the delivery staff to enter  the office of posting and name & address of the addressee in the delivery slip for  RLs & SPAs in Chennai City Region:

18.   27. Exhausting the Dovetailed list candidates of Chennai City North Division by promoting them to GDS cadre by filling up of Vacancies so that their services could be utilized in the leave or otherwise vacancies of Postman at Chennai GPO and other Post offices too.
19.   Filling up of vacant posts of Sorting Postman and Cash Overseer.         There are many vacancies in existence in all the divisions in sorting postman and cash overseer posts that require to be filled up at once.  Some posts are kept as skeleton and others are manned by existing postman staff that in turn creates further vacancies in the postman cadre.  Hence, early action is requested to fill up all vacant Sorting PM and Cash overseers posts without further delay.

20.  Request for dispensing with the oral ordering of reduction of staff during the visits of officers without following the norms of periodical establishment review. It has become the order of the day presently that the posts of many offices are orally ordered to be reduced during the visits of officers.  On all such occasions the officers are influenced by the traffic available for the day of their visit.  In this connection, it is reiterated that the norms of periodical review is given a go-by and instant and on the spot oral orders have become the regular practice being followed now.  Hence, it is requested that the same may be dispensed with.

21.    Request for provision of Departmental Canteen in Major offices. There are many bigger Post offices and RMS offices and certain departmental buildings house post office, administrative office and RMS office in one and the same complex where more than 200 employees work.  The norms of opening of departmental canteen are fulfilled in these buildings with adequate number of employees working in the same building.  In order to facilitate the cost effective food to the employees where the ‘no loss-no profit’ concept is adopted, the departmental canteens may be started.  Early action in this matter is highly solicited.

22.  Request to expedite action to build departmental buildings in our vacant land available at Kilpauk, Abibullah Road in T. Nagar in Chennai, Munichalai Road and Arasaradi in Madurai and other sites to use for our department purpose to reduce costs by preventing huge sums being paid as rents.

23.  Request for appointing a Doctor in the vacant post at Tirunelveli dispensary. There are two Doctor posts in Tirunelveli dispensary.  One post is vacant.  If the available doctor goes on leave, the work comes to a standstill resulting in innumerable difficulties to the patients.  Hence needy action may be taken at once to fill up the vacancy. 

24.  Request  to supply umbrellas and chappals to all Postman and MTS / eligible GDS officials, since the rainy season is fast approaching.

25.   Request to supply new poly propylene bags.  In our circle, the bags using in RMS & Post offices are completely in damaged and looks in bad condition.   Hence, kindly arrange to supply new poly propylene bags.

26.   Request to install invertors in small Post offices and RMS in our circle.

27.  44. Request to remove false –ceiling in CCRC, Anna Road Stg .

28.   Request to allot funds for Training . In most of the postal and RMS offices, the officials are compelled to undergo  training at PTC Madurai/ WCTCs.  They are granted with advance  only  and the bills are not yet cleared  everywhere,  especially in Chennai Sorting Division.   .

29.   Disparity in salary reported in RMS units for the newly appointed SA s.         In Chennai Sorting division, the candidates who are selected for SA cadre have been given monthly salary as admissible before undergoing the Induction training. But in MA Division, the selected candidates have been given remuneration @ Rs.23.40/- per hour.   It is  irregular and the disparity  may be rectified.

30.  Request to provide Rest-rooms and dining rooms in RMS offices.  In RMS offices, the staff are working round the clock.   But they do not have proper rest room and dining room. Hence, kindly ensure rest room and dining room in  all the RMS offices.

31.    Request to promote LSG Accountants to HSG II grade.           The PO & RMS examination is common for Postal and RMS staffs.  The qualified Accountants working in RMS side, they got promotion upto LSG cadre only. After introduction of HSG Rectt. rules 2013, there is no separate distinction  between Accounts and General line in HSG II cadre. Hence all the erstwhile HSG II posts in Accounts line may be filled with, from either way and promotions may be granted with, to the eligible officials.

32.  Request to fill-up all the GDS vacancies in RMS units. Before recruiting the GDS from the open quota,  kindly consider the dovetailed list as per the court orders and fill up all the GDS vacant posts.

33.   Request to maintain rest houses. Most of the rest houses available in our Circle are not in good condition and requires some repairs.   Hence it is requested to maintain properly and fill-up care taker post in  all the rest houses.

34.   Request to paint RMS buildings. Most of the RMS offices are not painted for more than five years.   Hence it is requested to paint the RMS offices at least once in three years .

35.   Non Payment of DCRG in one lump sum to the eligible cases. The practice of withholding the part of eligible DCRG to the retired officials or the nominee of the of the deceased employee still continue in all cases. As per the DOPT orders in 20/16/1998-P&PW (F) dated 19th February, 2013, withholding of 10 % of DCGR is required to be done only in respect of official in whose cases the clearance are to be given clearance from Directorate of Estates. It is further reiterated that except for adjusting the outstanding dues towards Govt. accommodation, DCRG cannot be withheld for whatsoever other reason be. Request to take action on this .

36.   Request for grant of honorarium for the fixation of pay in respect of those whose increment falls due from 2.1.2006 to 30.6.2006 The work related to fixation of as per the Revised Pay rules 2006 and drawl of arrears ,on pro-rata basis was granted vide the authority contained in DG(P) letter no 42-1/2008 PAP dated 21.12.2009.

37.  Request for sanctioning the 1/4th of full daily allowance, as special allowance, to those who are compulsorily to  take up the boarding and lodging at the training institutes. As per the GOI (3) 2 below SR 164, the officials staying in the residential training programs by paying the fixed rates are to be given special allowance. The plea of passing authorities that the new DA rule w.e.f 1.9.2008 cannot be applied is not tenable. As per new rule from 1.9.2008, except new rates (comprising of three components viz. food bill, accommodation and local travel expenditure} none of the other conditions that were in prevalence as on 1.9.2008 were amended. In fact options to claim on either old rate or new rates have also been accorded. While the stipulations are so firm and amenable, the contention that the rules prior to 1.9.2008 are extinct is not correct.
38.  Request to follow uniform procedures in calculating the interest of HBA by excluding the high rate of interest. As per the rule on the subject, the sanctions of HBA should invariably stipulate a higher rate of interest at 2.5% above prescribed rates with the relaxation that if conditions attached to the sanction are fulfilled, rebate of interest to the extent of 2.5% will be allowed. In some Regions, the 2.5% of rebate is allowed if the conditions attached to the sanctions are fulfilled up to the point of repaying the Principle amount itself. Thus, the Interest rate is calculated in the normal rate and installments/recovery of Interest ordered accordingly. On other hand, in some Regions, the higher rate of Interest is levied up to the last installment of interest recovery and rebate is allowed only after ensuring the conditions attached to the sanction are fulfilled until this point of time.

39.  Request for Installation of Solar power energy in Circle Office  and in major Head office buildings . In our Circle Office building we are having more than one office and the consumption of Electricity is more.

40.  Immediate repairing works to be carried out in the Gents Toilet in II floor at C.O. to avoid any   untoward incident as the a portion of the ceiling inside the Gents toilet has already fallen one  year back and the remaining portion appears to be in a dilapidated condition and may  come   down at any  time is posing a serious threat to the officials. Both the service unions have taken    up the issue with the Circle Administration but the position  remain the same. Immediate  necessary steps may please be taken to carry out repairing works  on a war foot. Besides, the case of water problem in the building, including Anna Road HPO may be  solved as a permanent measure by getting metro water connection to the sumps and by drilling deep bore well. This may be looked into.

41.   Review of Computer systems available in SBCO units .The SBCO branches were equipped with computers during 1995/96    and most of the SBCO units are still functioning with the very old computer systems in FoxPro based programme. It is requested to conduct an  overall assessment of the functioning/ condemnation  of the Computers/peripherals, so as to   replace with new ones.

42.  Request to regularize all GDS staff   who are on provisional appointments, years together and   grant their due financial benefits including bonus.  This is pending in  several divisions  throughout TN Circle.

43.  Request to consider the plight casual workers engaged prior to 1.9.93 in the vacant GDS posts before resorting open notification with time frame, as per DG Posts order No. 17-39/4/2012-GDS dt.14.1.2015. Also, this has reference to OA No.520/2004 and SLP 21825/2006.

44.  Nonpayment of severance amount, gratuity  and EDGIS amounts to the GDS  officials,  those who have retired/promoted/died on or after the year 2013, since enormous cases are pending for long.

45.  Non- Grant of arrears to GDS substitutes for the period 1/1/2006 to 9/10/2009 despite Directorate Orders on the Plea of paucity of funds in the salary Head in several divisions eg. Salem East Division, Tirupur Dn, Erode Dn, Salem west dn, Krishnagiri Dn, Tiruvannamalai Division etc.
46.  Request to restore the contingent water carrier , sweeper ,  scavenger posts , which were abolished in several divisions. For eg. Cuddalore. These works are  now entrusted with the MTS  which creates social stigma in the changed environment of revised recruitment rules, where even Engineering graduates are recruited for the post of MTS.

47.  Request to implement the revision of payment w.e.f. 1.4.2015 to the  Casual Labourer engaged in BPCs for various BD activities, since  the Dte. has already issued orders to make payment for the outsiders engged in BPCs on piece rate basis for the  work performed by them at not more than 50% of the rate prescribed, vide  No. BDD/Mailing/01/96 dt 13.5.1999 and BD/1-2/2002/Vol. III dt. 11.2.2009.

48.   Request to give suitable instructions to the authorities concerned to permit the officials for examinations in whose cases there is  contemplation/pending of disc. Proceedings. This was not done in Tamilnadu Circle, though  there is specific provisions in Rule 11 (27) of CCS (CCA) Rules 1965.

49.   Non maintenance of Generators/ under disrepairs for long period in many Divisions throughout TN Circle eg. Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur,Tambaram, Tiruthuraipundi  HO etc.  A review is requested to get them repaired and brought in to use again.

50.  Request for immediate repairing of High speed Franking machine (type 550 L Model), located at BPC, Chennai GPO which is under disrepairs for the past 1 ½ months. There is no AMC for that and there is heavy delay in exhausting usual procedures. Now slow speed model  FM ( type 100 L) is working, which could not able to cater the need of the  BPC requirements, resulting in accumulation  of  huge volume of mails, inviting complaints and in turn loosing  customer base, despite  making repeated reports to the Chief PM, Chennai GPO.

51.   Request to withdraw the irregularly opened Franchisee outlet in close proximity to Begampur PO/Dindigul Dn. affecting the  business of the  Post office heavily. The basic norm prescribed by the Directorate is “the out let can be opened at a place where a post office cannot be opened as per departmental norms” and also the minimum distance should be 1.5 km with the nearest PO.   

52.  Erection of new bore well at Kanchipuram HO, since there is water problem pending unresolved for years together.

53.  Inadequate supply of  report sheets / computer stationery all over the Circle . A thorough review is requested for the  requirements and  ensure streamlining of proper supply to the HOs/SOs.

54.  Request for provision of Home Guard to all HPOs/ cash conveyance work in the absence of police escort.

55.  Request to change the working hours to  10.00 to 06.00 at all HPOs instead of 09.00 to 05.00 to avoid idle wait at the morning and to secure closing despatches in the evenings.

56.  Request to take action to build an Annex building at Tirupur H.O, which  is  a pending request for long, since the staff , public and the administration are suffering with lack of sufficient accommodation with SOA. Tirupur is the 5th largest city in TN  and Tirupur HO is now housing  HO, D.O, DLTC & BPC.

57.  Request to  upgrade Gandhinagar ‘A’ Class office/Tirupur Dn into LSG office by downgrading Iduvampalayam LSG Office into ‘A ‘Class office.  Gandhi Nagar S.O. is now developed as a heavy transaction office.  The status of the office is ‘A’ class office.   Both the offices are under Tirupur division and Tirupur UA.  It will not only be helpful to all stakeholders but scientific requirement also.  The implementation of the above proposal is suggested on matching saving basis and hence no expenditure in any way is required.  

1.     Immediate administrative decision is requested for granting Natural Calamity Advance and Financial Assistance from Welfare fund to GDS employees, on Dec. 2015 Flood , since already two months time elapsed from the date of issuing the circular by the  CPMG, TN.

2.     Request for announcement of LDCE from LGOs to P.A. for the year 2015, since it is already delayed.

3.     Request for announcement of LDCE  for filling up of the post of Postman/MG for the year  2015 since it is already delayed. In many Circles passed candidates joined the posts.

4.     Request to review of assessment of vacancies in P.A. cadre in all the Divisions (Difference between sanctioned strength and working strength) as agreed upon in Discussions with the staff side by the Dept. in  F No.08-13/2015-SR dt. 23.11.2015 to include the residual, LR  vacancies etc. and to add the resultant promotional vacancies by 31.3.2016.

5.     Request to give permission to utilize outsourced agents to meet out the acute shortage of staff that too in back office works, in Namakkal Division ,  Nagappattinam Dn. as permitted in RMS units.

6.     Request to issue orders to implement the  Dte. Order in No. 27-46/2015- PO dt.7.1.2016 as prescribed in  Clause 5 of P.O.  Guide  part I ,  for fixing the business hours in Post Offices including Saturdays, since it is blatantly violated in our Circle  by various sub ordinate authorities.

7.     Request to repatriate all the P.A.s immediately, now attached with SBCO in various Divisions, like  Central Region, since P.A.s are not trained in SBCO modules and SBCO is a  separate cadre with distinct recruitment rules. Further, in the changed environment, if anything happened because of ignorance of SBCO environment, the P.A.s so deputed will be fixed as scapegoats with contributory negligence factor. Further there is acute shortage  in P.A. cadre  and public services are hampered for  want of sufficient staff at  operative side.

8.     Fresh recruit may be permitted to avail LTC at his / her option under the normal LTC Rules as applicable to other regular employees by  foregoing the new eight year entitlement stipulated.

9.     Vellore fort PO building is situated in the heart of the Vellore city and it is one of the oldest post office in Vellore division. The building is in much damaged condition and subjects were taken up at various level to demolish and reconstruction for the past 13 years. Now funds have been allotted under project arrow and the renovation of the building is under process. But the front portion of the office alone has been renovated and the toilet portion is still in damaged and dilapidated condition. The drainage paths have been blocked and FOL is not in a condition for use. Hence it is requested that action may be taken for allotment of funds for the above work.

1.   10.     Vellore city has been upgraded as Corporation in the year 2011. The population of Vellore Corporation and its urban agglomeration was around 502000 in the year 2011 itself. But the HRA has not been revised so far to 20% from 10%. Hence it is requested that action may please be taken to get the HRA at the revises rate.
11.     RPLI commission is only being given to the staff in service. After retirement, the RPLI commission to the procuring staff is stopped. This thing seems unjustified. The commission of policy procured by a staff should be paid to him after retirement. Further department should have offered an opportunity to the retired staff of our department to continue as RPLI AGENT after retirement with the same AGENT CODE while they had in service. The possibility may kindly be explored.

3.  12.   Umbrella and chappels are not supplied  to outdoor GDS for the past 3 years. Hence it is requested that supply may be arranged at least for this year.

4.  13.   Many essential forms viz:  pay in slip, BO daily account, RPLI receipt book, carbon papers, sealing wax, etc are not supplied to the BOs  for years together. Hence it is requested that supply may be arranged immediately.

15.     Due to drop in  work load GDS MD / GDS PKR working in a S.O. faces drop in allowances to the minimum. But the GDS MD / GDS PKRs are forced work for more than 5 hours. As the GDS is paid for only 3 hours work in various Divisions, these officials should be brought on duty only for three hours. Necessary guidelines should be issued to the  sub ordinate authorities to fix the working hours of the GDS in such cases.

6.    16. Treating of DCRG nomination made in favour of Family members invalid and not subsist by the authorities in contravention to rules on the subject. Instant case, in the recent past, that DPA, Chennai treated the nomination made for DCRG purposes by a deceased official as invalid since he had not included all the member of family as nominee.( Details in annexure  I).

17.     Request for taking perennial rate/quantum of attribute for the purpose of computing the  Related Merit Points under Compassionate Appointment Scheme.(Details in Annexure I)

8.   18.  Request for scheming the modalities of shifting PO buildings within the time frame. (Details in Annexure I )
9.       Surrender of posts in  P.A. cadre more than the target in ADR plan during 2013  which are now stayed by the Honble Court of law. Request the august forum to rectify the moralities and the quantum of PA Posts  identified  for abolition and kept ready for surrendering owing to Stay orders.(Details in Annexure I)

19..   Request for eschewing the unwarranted delay in drawing the PLB in the name of Regularisation – A provision not enunciated  in GDS conduct and Engagement Rules. Request for grant of PLB to the GDS on regular engagement [other than substitutes, stop-gap appointees, un-provisional appointees vide Proforma  A& B.(Details in Annexure I)

120.   Request for clarifying, streamlining and ensuring uniform procedure in making contribution to the hapless GDS under the  SDBS. (Details in Annexure I)

121   Request for exempting the posting of Treasurer from the purview of placement & transfer committee.       (Details in Annexure I).

122.   Grant of non- matriculate MTS officials with GP of Rs.1800/- who are to retire without getting imparted with training for no fault of them. (Details in Annexure I).

123.   Request to act in accordance with Dte. No.17-103/2007-GDS/1 dt. 17.12.2015 to relieve from combined duty for BPMs with a view to ensure uninterrupted counter service to the public in the changed scenario.

24.   Request for filling up of vacant  LSG & HSG-II posts by promotion of senior most eligible PA(CO/RO) & LSG officials respectively.

25.   Request for humanitarian consideration in granting Child care Leave to Female employees, especially those who are having less than one year old baby. Discretionary power of the Leave sanctioning authority needs to be exercised in a judicious manner.

26.   Non-availability of Circle level Gradation list for the MTS of Circle and Regional Offices. The Circle level Gradation list as in the case of Pas (CO/RO) may be maintained for MTS also.

27.Request for Interchangeability  of HSG-II  & HSG-1 posts  amongst  ROs and CO .

28.   Request to increase the existing memento amount of Rs.2,000/- given by the Department at the time of Retirement of an official into that of Rs.10,000/-.

29.  Request to engage scavenger in all offices.  Most of the office toilets are in very bad condition, without proper cleaning.  Hence we requests to engage scavenger for each and every offices.   Request issue necessary orders to all the divisional heads to engage the scavengers.

30.   Request to arrange induction training. The Direct recruited officials of 2014-15 batch are not sent for induction training except some of them. Hence it is requested to arrange Induction Training as early as possible.

31.  Request to consider Rule-38 transfers. Most of the officials were applied for Rule-38 transfers. Request to consider their application as early as possible and issue necessary orders before the recruitment process commences.

32.  Request to supply emergency lights to all the  offices in RMS units.

33.  Request to Grant Group Insurance  amt. and severance amount to the promoted officials early. The delay caused in granting group insurance and severance amount to the GDS officials who have been promoted as MTS, may be analyzed and action may be taken for early payment.

34.  Conversion of T-4 section as Mail guard section. The system of granting weekly rest to the officials in T-4 sections from Trichy to Rameshwaram may perhaps be withdrawn and the Rest hours may be calculated for augmentation of the set in to three and conversion of the same as Mailguard section for
Smooth functioning.

35.  Filling up of MTS vacancies. MTS officials are being engaged as Mail peons in Villupuram, Madurai, Bangalore and Coimbatore CMMS vans and as such all the sets are subjected to shortage of MTS officials.   Further MTS officials are being denied of availing their leave even at emergencies.   Hence the existing MTS vacancies Chennai Sorting Division may be filled early.

36..  Promotional benefit to TSCL of Chennai (APSO) Airmail Sorting Division. The TSCL officials of Chennai APSO were recruited through employment exchange and the promotional opportunity has became difficult now as there are more than 50 TSCL officials existing in Chennai APSO and only 2 or 3 officials are being considered for MTS promotion.  Having pitiable view on their age and service sympathetically, it is requested to kindly issue suitable orders for their promotion as MTS in the existing MTS vacancies of Chennai City Regions, Chengalpattu, Arakonam, Kancheepuram Divisions early to lit the lamp of hope in their poor life.

With regards,