Wednesday, March 2, 2016



1.       Conduct of examination:
a) Postman Cadre:  

The examination will be conducted as per Postman/ Mail Guard Recruitment (Amendment) Rules 2012, communicated by Directorate vide letter No. 44-14/2009-SPB-I dated 12.07.2012 and Postman/ Mail Guard Recruitment (Amendment) Rules 2014 vide letter No. 44-14/2009-SPB-I dated 19.03.2015.

                            i.    50% on the basis of Limited Departmental examination by promotion from amongst MTS.
                        ii.    50% by Direct Recruitment on the basis of Competitive Examination Limited to GDS.

Note:   All eligible MTS/GDS may be permitted to appear for the examination even though, there are no vacancies in the Division.

b) Mail Guard Cadre: 

The examination will be conducted as per Postman/ Mail Guard Recruitment Rules, 2010 communicated by Directorate vide letter No. 44-14/2009-SPB-I dated 28.01.2011 and Postman/ Mail Guard Recruitment (Amendment) Rules 2014 vide letter No. 44-14/2009-SPB-I dated 19.03.2015.

                         i.    25% of the vacancies on the basis of Limited Departmental exam by promotion from amongst MTS of the recruiting Division.
                        ii.    25% by Direct Recruitment on the basis of competitive examination limited to GDS of the recruiting Division.

Note: Examination will not be held in the Divisions/Units, if there is no vacancy under 25% MTS quota for MTS and 25 % under GDS Quota for GDS, for recruitment in r/o Mail guard.

2.       Vacancies for holding the examination:

          The Examination for filling up the posts of Postman/ Mail Guard will be conducted for the vacancies of the year 2015-16 communicated vide C.O letter No. REP/5-2/vac/15 dated 29.02.2016. the vacancies alongwith backlog reservation is enclosed. The Divisions concerned (Coimbatore Dn, Namakkal Dn., Nilgiris Dn and Salem East Dn) are requested to submit their communal break up for the revised vacancies on or before 03/03/2016.

3.       Eligibility Criteria:

            The following categories are eligible to take up the Postman/Mail guard examination. 

a) MTS:
·         MTS who have put in three years of regular service in the grade including the service if any put in erstwhile Group ‘D’ on regular basis as on 01-04-2015.

b) GDS:
·         GDS who have worked for at least five years in that capacity as on   01-04-2015.
·         Age limit shall be 50 years as on 01-04-2015 (relaxable by 3 years for OBC and 5 years for SC/ST).

          Note:  Age concession for OBC/SC/ST candidates is applicable against respective reserved quota of vacancies only.

PH candidates:
            A person suffering from not less than forty per cent of relevant disability as certified by a medical board (A copy of Disability certificate, should be produced by such candidates while submitting the application) is eligible for the post. The following disabilities are eligible for the said posts:-

§  VH(Visually handicapped)
§  OH(orthopedically handicapped)
§  HH(Hearing Handicapped)

4.       Pattern & Syllabus for the examination:

          The examination will be held in accordance with the instructions contained in Directorate letter No. 45-14/2012-SPB-I dated 17.01.2014. Accordingly the revised pattern and syllabus for the examination is furnished below:      

I. An Aptitude Test will be conducted containing 100 questions with one mark each, covering the following subjects/topics:

Total Marks-100

A – General Knowledge
(25 marks with 25 questions of 1 mark each)
Topics: Indian Geography, Indian Culture & Freedom Struggle, Civics, Indian Economy, General Science, Current Affairs and Reasoning & Analytical ability of 10th standard.
B – Mathematics
(25 marks with 25 questions of 1 mark each)
Topics: Percentages, Ratio & Proportion, Profit & Loss, Simple Interest, Average, Discount, Partnership, Time & Work and Time & Distance
C(i) – English
(25 marks with 25 questions of 1 mark each)
Topics: Articles, Prepositions, conjunctions, tenses, Verbs, Synonyms & Antonyms, Vocabulary and Questions from a small unseen passage.
C(ii)- Regional Language - தமிழ் :ஒவ்வொன்றிற்கும் ஒருமதிப்பெண் வீதம் 25வினாக்களுக்குமொத்தம்  25மதிப்பெண்கள்.

தமிழ் தேர்வுக்குரிய தலைப்புக்கள்
தனிகலவை மற்றும் கூட்டு வாக்கியங்கள்,வாக்கிய மாற்றம்அணிகள்பழமொழிகள்மற்றும் வட்டார வழக்கில்  உள்ளசொற்றொடர்கள்வாக்கியத்தில் உள்ளபிழைதிருத்தங்கள்துணைப்பாட உரைநடையில் கேள்வி பதில்கள்.

Note:   The Part A and Part B will be in bilingual i.e. English and Tamil language.

II. Duration of Examination: 120 minutes.
          III. Qualifying Marks (as per instructions in Directorate letter No. 45-14(ii)/2012-SPB-I dated 31.07.2012):

a.    Parts A and B- Minimum 10 marks for OC, 8 marks for SC/ST and 9 marks  for OBC* candidates in each part.
b.    Parts C (Two segments) - Minimum 10 marks for OC, 8 marks for SC/ST and 9 marks for OBC* candidates in each segment.
c.     40% marks for OC, 33 marks for SC/ST and 37 marks for OBC* candidates in aggregate.

* Not applicable for filling up posts by Limited Departmental Competitive Examination as there is no reservation for OBC employees while filling up posts by promotion.

5.       Venue of Examination:

            The examination will be held at the Regional Head and if need be in other Centres, with the approval of competent authority.

6.       Examination Fee:

          The applicants have to pay an examination fee of Rs.5/- whether they are from MTS/GDS including APS personnel and should enclose the UCR receipt along with the application. All female candidates and candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Physically Handicapped categories are exempted from payment of fee.

7.       Application and Photos:         

            A specimen copy of application to be filled by the candidate is enclosed. The candidate should enclose two passport size photographs along with the application.

8.         Application format & statement of recommendations:

The forwarding authorities should carefully check the application of each candidates to ensure that the official fulfill the prescribed eligibility conditions. The Divisional heads will forward the  Statement – I (recommended cases),   Statement – II ( not recommended cases) and Statement – III (recommended with adverse remarks) to R.O in EXCEL format..
If any Disc. Case /Vig. case /punishment is pending/current against the candidate or any adverse entries in CRs, details of punishments/adverse entries along with copy of memo/charge sheets issued, if any, may be sent along with the statement of recommendation.  While permitting the officials, instructions in Directorate letter no. A-34020/08/2015-DE dated 10.12.2015, circulated vide C.O. letter No. REP/1-1 /2008-Rulings dated 01.01.2016 may be adhered to.
The details of candidates may be submitted in the enclosed proforma(Annexure I, II, III – MTS/GDS) to this office. The information should also be sent through email to, on the scheduled date without fail.

9.       Schedule for the Examination:

            The last date for submission of applications by the candidates to the divisional/unit heads concerned is 21.03.2016. The Divisional/Unit heads will scrutinize the applications submitted by the candidates with reference to Name, Date of entry into service, Date of Birth, category, eligibility criteria etc with reference to the relevant Recruitment Rules and service records concerned and forward the applications to the Regional office with due recommendations or otherwise on or before 28.03.2016. R.O will issue the hall permits to the permitted candidates on 11.04.2016.

The schedule of activity as furnished below may be strictly adhered to:-

Schedule of activity
Postman/Mail Guard Examination
Last date for receipt of applications at Divisional Office.
Last date for receipt of applications at Regional Office.
Last date for sending copy of permitted list of candidates to Circle Office by Regional Office
Issue of Admit cards to permitted candidates
Date of Examination.
Timings of examination
10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon