Monday, March 28, 2016


                   ALL   INDIA  POSTAL  EMPLOYEES   UNION  GROUP  ‘ C’,
                                      TEYNAMPET,  CHENNAI 600 018
 P. MOHAN                                    J. RAMAMURTHY                                  A. VEERAMANI
PRESIDENT                              CIRCLE  SECRETARY                            FIN. SECRETARY

No. P3/ Four Monthly mtg.                                                          dt.28.3.2016                                                                                   

The Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Sir,

Sub:  Four monthly meeting with the  service unions  proposed on 27.4.2016 – Reg.
The under mentioned item of subjects are  proposed to be placed for discussions during the ensuing four monthly meeting slated to be held on 27.4.2016. The same may kindly be entertained.

The old items of the  FMM dt.18.12.2015, which were not treated as closed and not settled till date  may also be taken up  for discussions.

New items :-

1.     Non grant of TA advance to the officials deputed for any purposes, for the past several
years in many Division and nonpayment towards the TA bills submitted for long. For eg.  In Tambaram Division, no advance of TA is paid for long and payment is not made for the deputation made on CBS Squad. In Tirunelveli and Sivaganga Divisions, payment is not made to the TA Bills already submitted and pending since the year 2012. Cases already taken up in the Regions but not settled.

2.     Request for supply of duplicate copy of service books by Head of Offices vide Rule 257 (2), (3) & (4) of GFR 2005. As per this rule, service books should be maintained in duplicate and second copy should be given to the employee and in each Jan. of the year  this should be updated and returned to the employees. In order to carry out this, Xerox copy may be supplied to the employees upto the period 31.12.2015 and thereafter the information may be updated annually.  This is very much essential, since in many Divisions service book entries are not updated, due to non issuance of leave orders/earlier confirmations resulting in many problems in LSG promotions/ leave accounts/leave encashment.

3.     Non adherence of RT guidelines in many Divisions under Central Region. The SB tenures, which has been fixed as 5 years, as per PO SB Manual Vol. I,  Chapter I Rule 5 (iv) and Rule 6,  under S.B. Allowance scheme, the maximum tenure in the S.B. branch is 5 years inclusive of the period during which the official had worked in this branch prior to the introduction of the scheme in Head Office and bigger sub offices. This has not been amended till time and only consolidated guidelines to the rules are given by the Dte. vide their circular dt. 31.1.2014. Also, the period of deputation / temporary transfer  beyond 6 months have been irregularly counted for tenure purposes against the orders  of the Dte. Further the LR period should not be taken into account for counting the period of tenure as the rules provided under Postal Man. Vol. IV. These are not adhered in many Divisions in Central Region. Request for kind and immediate intervention.
The following office bearers will be attending the meeting. Necessary arrangements may kindly be made for granting  special CL/Relief to them.

1.  Sri. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Secretary, AIPEU Gr. C, TN  @ D4, P&T Qtrs, Teynampet,
    Chennai 18.
2.  Sri. P.Mohan, Circle President, AIPEU Gr. C, TN @ Park Town HPO , Chennai 600 001.

With regards,