Monday, April 18, 2016

Important Instructions on EOD operations - Deputy Director CEPT

In the last two weeks of implementing centralised EOD, the following issues have been observed. Unless you are implementing the guidelines issued, it would require further escalation to take action against for failure to follow the guidelines.  

The instructions are reiterated once again and sent herewith:  


1.      HISCOD menu has a list of limited validation to ensure that “Unverified accounts does not remain”, “No blocking validations”, “Inventory is maintained properly” – Unless these are validated at HISCOD, the problems are carried forwarded to other stages, more particularly the third stage of EOD.  

2.      Running HISCOD, by design itself is mandated to run at SOL level individually, to ensure that smooth validation happens at each PO level. If this HISCOD is run in circle sets, the system will not validate these above parameters and it will push these SOLs to the next stage, without validating any of the mandatory rules.  

3.      In extraneous circumstances, due to inordinate delay in DC closure of the previous day, if a situation is chronic, EOD central team would be initiating this menu after informing you, in sets. Otherwise, this HISCOD must be invoked at SOL level individually by each postmaster. 

4.      Circle CPCs are in the habit of coming to CPCs at 20.00 hours and invoking HISCOD in Circle Sets in single stroke and passing on to the next stage. This act is highly irregular. We have the user-IDs of circle CPCs who have invoked the menu with set ID and at what time. This will be shared to Circle heads for further necessary action. 

5.         Hence, SPOCs/ In-charge of CPCs are requested not to run the HISCOD in circle sets. Instructions may be issued to all POs down the line to invoke this menu as and when the counter hours are completed, individually, by each postmaster. 


1.    Few Circle CPCs, are attending office only at 20.00 hours and none present up to that time to contact. They are invoking HISCOD in bulk in one set and as and when this is moved to the next stage without any validations, they started invoking HSCOD, beyond the prescribed permitted parallelisation. This is highly irregular.  

2.      This would consume, more resources and other CPCs are made to wait unnecessarily.

3.      Hence please follow the instructions on parallelization strictly. 

4.          Few of the circle CPCs are invoking HSCOD in bulk and going out of CPCs. If few SOLs fail due to some reasons, none present there to review the status and initiating the process once again. At their leisure, they come after 22.00 hours and invoking the same menu once again. There by, none present to see the failed SOLs for more than 2 to three hours at night. We will be sharing the details of such instances through screenshots containing the time of triggering sets and if once failed, attending to the same after 2-3 hours gap.


1.      The counter hours are completed by 1500 hours. On most of the days, Since the Finacle was very slow, or either the application is down, during the last two weeks, the situation was managed with due pressure. Now the system is back and normal, Please insist the supervisors to verify the transactions as and when happened. We have a set of offices, which are continuously verifying the transactions only after 1500 hours. Most of the transactions have been verified after 1500 hours by few Supervisors. We intend tracking the details of Supervisors, verifying after 1500 hours or at particular intervals would be extracted and sent to CPCs for action. 

2.      Entering OLTP transactions (On Line Transaction Processing) after 1800 hours is discouraged. If it pertains to BO transactions, CPCs can identify such sub offices and get an administrative order from the region/circle for treating these BOs to be accounted for on the next day.

3.      When few other SOLs in the country is doing EOD level-2, if OLTP is also allowed in the system, it tends to be de-stabilised and as such, the DB servers are loaded with more requirements of taking up OLTP, running HISCOD, HSCOD at a time.  

4.      Hence, it is instructed to CPCs, to stop entering Online transactions after 1800 hours in any case.   

5.      It should be ensured that HISCOD is run by individual SOLs starting from 1500 hours and this shoud be ensured to complete this HISCOD before 1800 hours in any case. 

6.      Similarly, without exceeding the parallelisation prescribed, CPCs must ensure hat HSCOD is also completed by 20.00 hours daily. There may be exceptions in few post offices, but this can not be regular that HSCOD running is triggered at CPC level after 2000 hours and completing them, the early morning on the next day.    As we have logs and data for each of these instance described in the email, these can be retrieved at any time and shared with Circles, in cases of requirement.  Hence, I would request all SPOCs to put their efforts on the same line of EOD support team (DOP) to complete the date change of all SOLs in their circle before 2000 hours / 2100 hours.  

We intend conducting a on day workshop at Chennai during fourth week of April. The venue, agenda for the meeting etc would be shared shortly. The discussion would be on streamlining the EOD operations.  

Deputy Director CEPT