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Rules and Manuals are referred in respect of Savings Bank Operations and services:​

The following Rules and Manuals are referred in respect of Savings Bank Operations and services:​

1.    The Government Savings Banks Act, 1873
2.    The Government Savings Certificates Act, 1959
3.    The Post Office Savings Bank General Rules, 1981
4.    The Post Office Savings Account Rules,  1981
5.    The Post Office Recurring Deposit Rules, 1981
6.    The Post Office Time Deposit Rules, 1981
7.    National Savings Scheme Rules, 1992
8.    Post Office  (Monthly Income Account) Rules, 1987
9.    Indira Vikas Patra Rules, 1987
10.   National Savings Certificates (VIII  Issue) Rules, 1989
11.    Kisan Vikas Patra Rules, 1988
12.   National Savings Scheme Rules, 1987
13.   The Post Office Savings Certificates Rules, 1960
14.   Senior Citizens  Savings Scheme Rules, 2004
15.    Post Office Savings Bank Manual Volume I
16.    Post Office Savings Bank Manual Volume II


The Post Office Guide Part I relates to Inland Post. It contains clauses related to:
1.    Organization of the Department
2.    Type of Post Offices
3.    Business Hours
4.    Post Office Holidays
5.    Payment of postage, stamps and stationery
6.    Franking machine
7.    Spoiled or defaced stamps
8.    Fictitious stamps
9.    General rules as to packing, sealing and posting, manner of affixing postage stamps
10.                       Methods of address
11.                       Certificate of posting
12.                       Recall of posted article
13.                       Delivery of mails
14.                       Refusal of article
15.                       Obligation to pay charges
16.                       Recovery of charges due
17.                       Payment of money orders
18.                       Post boxes and post bags
19.                       Identity cards
20.                       Post restante
21.                       Redirection
22.                       Instruction regarding address change
23.                       Post office monopoly in the conveyance of letters
24.                       Legal responsibility of the post
25.                       Services which cannot be claimed
26.                       Licenses for sale of postage stamps
27.                       Secrecy
28.                       Non-exchange of postage stamps and stationery
29.                       Acceptance of small coins
30.                       Articles addressed to deceased persons
31.                       Liability to detention of certain mails
32.                       Facilities provided by postmen in rural areas
33.                       Issue of post office forms
34.                       Acceptance of Cheques
35.                       Last dates for payment of dues
36.                       Letter and parcel post
37.                       Special packing instructions
38.                       Letter cards
39.                       Post cards
40.                       Business reply service
41.                       Book packets
42.                       Book packets containing printed books
43.                       Book packets containing periodicals
44.                       Pattern and sample packets
45.                       Blind literature, packets
46.                       Registered newspapers
47.                       Parcel
48.                       Air mail services
49.                       Registration
50.                       Insurance
51.                       Value payable articles
52.                       Official postal articles
53.                       Prohibited articles
54.                       Money orders
55.                       Telegraphic money orders
56.                       Indian postal order
57.                       Philately
58.                       Postal life insurance


Post office Guide part-II relates to Foreign Post. It contains clauses relating to:
1.    Definition of Foreign Post
2.    Category of Foreign Postal Articles
3.    Universal Postal Union
4.    Asian Pacific Postal union
5.    General applicability of Inland Regulations
6.    G​eneral regulations applicable in the Letter Post
7.    Conditions relating to various classes of Letters Post i.e. Post cards, Printed papers, Small Packets and Literature for Blinds
8.    Conditions relating to various special services in the Letter Posts, Parcel Post, Insured Parcels
9.    Compensation for loss, damage or abstraction of contents
9.    Parcels for delivery free of all charges and fees
10.                       Money order, Air Mail Money orders, Telegraphic Money orders
11.                       British Postal order, Irish Postal order
12.                       V.P. and C.O.D. Services
13.                       Custom Control, Prohibitions and Restrictions
14.                       Enquiries and Complaints, Prohibitions and Restrictions applicable to various Countries and  Details of countries providing optional services and other special provisions

It has two volumes containing the list of Post offices.

1.    Post office Saving Bank General Rules
2.    Post office Savings Accounts rules
3.    Post office Time Deposits Rules
4.    Post office Recurring Deposit Rules
5.    Post office Savings Certificates Rules
6.    National Savings Certificates (VI- Issue)
7.    National Savings Certificates (VII-Issue)
8.    National Savings Certificates (VIII-Issue)
9.    Social Security Certificates Rules

1.    The Indian Post office Act, 1898
2.    The Indian Post office Rules, 1933
3.    The Government Savings Banks Act, 1873
4.    The Post office Cash Certificates Act, 1917
5.    The Post office Savings Banks (Nomination) Rules, 1960
6.    The Government Savings Certificates Act, 1959
7.    The Government Savings Certificates Rules, 1960
8.    Post Boxes order, 1956

1.    Organization of the Department
2.    Appeal and petition
3.    Institutions and defense of civil suits
4.    Criminal proceedings
5.    Employment of Gov pleader
6.    ​Compensation for loss of property
7.    Medical aid
8.    Security deposits
9.    Stock
10.    ​Forged, counterfeit and defaced postage stamps, coins and currency
11.     Printings
12.     Contracts
13.    Buildings
14.    Budget estimates and control
14.                 Misc. rules relating to official display of National flag, National anthem and National song, Naming and Changing of name of Post office, Correspondence, Cover containing official documents, Initial and signing the documents, Erasing, Case mark system, Personal files, Manual correction slip, Admittance of stranger, Maintenance of order and tidiness in office, Inland Postal Service articles, Transmission of official correspondence by foreign Post, Service money order, Reports and returns, Secret and confidential papers, Books and publications, Maps, Annual Reports, Behavior with Public, Publication for sale, Departmental Identity Card, Thumb and finger impression, Deep changing of surname, Uniforms, Production of record before Courts.

1.    Discipline
2.    Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules 1965
3.    Rules relating to appointments, penalties, and appeal of employees excluded from the operation of the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules 1965
4.    Schedules showing the administrative powers of the different classes of Officers of the Indian Postal Department, Other than those vested in and exercised by ​them under:
1.    The Indian Post office Act and the Indian Post office Rules
2.    Rules for guidance of Depositors in Post office Savings Bank
3.    The cash Certificate rules
4.    Compilation of fundamental and supplementary Rules

1.    Appointment and Promotion
2.    Transfer and Posting
3.    Leaves
4.    Pension and Gratuities​
5.    Gazetted Officers of Post office and RMS
6.    Non-gazetted officer of Post office and RMS
7.    Class-IV servants of Post office and RMS
8.    Class-IV servants of Circle office
9.    Class-IV servants of Postal Dispensaries
10.                       General Rules relating to:
1.    ​Revision of Establishments
2.    Establishment of Post offices & RMS
1.    Rules for recruitment of Indian Postal Services Class- I Junior and Senior Time Scale
2.    Rules for recruitment of the Post of Time Scale Clerks of Post offices and Sorter in RMS
3.    Rules for recruitment to the service of RMS Sorters and clerks in Post offices
4.    Rules for recruitment to the service of clerk in RLO
5.    Rules for recruitment to the Cadre of Postmen, Village Postman and mail guards
6.    Rules for recruitment to the cadre of Postal Asst. in Circle offices and Administrative offices.
7.    Volunteers for Army Postal Services
8.    Central Civil Services (Extra Ordinary Pension, Rules)
9.    Grant of honoraria for setting Question Papers, Valuation of Answer books and for Supervision and Investigation duties in respect of various Departmental Examination
10.                       Rules for recruitment to the Cadre of Stenographer.
11.                       Rules relating to Departmental Examination
12.                       Rules for recruitment to the Post of Accounts officer     
13.                       Rules for recruitment to the Post of Daftaries and Jamadars
14.                       ​Rules for recruitment to the cadre of Postal Asstt. In PSD
15.                       Rules for recruitment to the cadre of Postal Asst. in CSD
16.                       Syllabus for on the job training of candidates appointed as clerks in Mail Motor Service
17.                       Rules for recruitment to Work Shops and Stores
18.                       Rules for recruitment to the Cadre of PA, SBCO
19.                       Rules for recruitment to the cadre of Overseer
20.                       Rules for recruitment to the Post of Asstt. Supdt. Posts and Inspector Posts
21.                       Rules for recruitment to the Post of Office Supdt. In Postal Circle Office
22.                       Rules for recruitment to the Post of Staff Car Driver
23.                       Rules for recruitment to the Post of Auxilliary Nurse Midwives
24.                       Rules for recruitment to the Post of Nurses (non- resident)
1.    Definitions
2.    Miscellaneous Rules
3.    Investigation
4.    Transmission of mails under the weighing​ system and appendices relating to rules for treatment of Navel Mail by Post and RMS offices
5.    Issue of Sorting List and Conventions
6.    Period of Preservation of Records

1.    Mails
2.    Sorting
3.    Delivery
4.    Deposits
5.    Registration
6.    Parcel
7.    Insured
8.    Valuable Payable Articles
9.    Miscellaneous R

This Postal manual contains rules relating to:
1.    Money Orders
2.    Indian Postal Orders
3.    British Postal Orders
4.    Irish Postal Orders
1.    Sub-accounts
2.    Accounts in Sub Post Offices
3.    Duties of Postman
4.    Duties of Letter Box Attendants and Appendices 
1.    Transit Section and Mail Offices
2.    Sorting Mail Offices
3.    Record offices
4.    Mailmen and Van Attendants
5.    Mail Operations
6.    Bag Accounting
7.    Camp Articles
8.    Governing the Relations between Railway Administration and Post office in regard to train timings
9.    List of work-papers issued to Sections and Mail Offices
10.                       Misc. Rules relating to Railway Mail Services
1.    Personal duties of Heads of Circles and Misc. Rules related to Circle Offices
2.    Personal duties of Assistant Superintendents of Post/ Inspectors of Posts
3.    Personal duties of Town Inspector Of Post offices/ Public Inspector of Post offices
4.    Personal duties of Overseers and Postmen
5.    Personal duties of Assistant Superintendents/ Inspectors of Railway Mail Service
6.    Stock Depots
7.    Returned Letter Offices
8.    Breaks
9.    Accidents
1.    Mails
2.    Sorting
3.    Delivery
4.    Registration
5.    Parcels
6.    Money orders
7.    Postal orders
8.    Accounts
9.    Telegram
10.                       Miscellaneous Rules relating to function of Branch Offices
1.    Introductory
2.    General Principles and Rules
3.    General Outlines of the Systems of Accounts
4.    Relations with Audit
5.    Cash
6.    Supply of Funds and Other Remittance Transactions
7.    Revenue and Miscellaneous Receipts
8.    Pay and Allowances: General Rules
9.    Bills of Gazetted Government Servants
10.                       Establishment
11.                       Contingent Charges
12.                       Miscellaneous  Charges
13.                       Loans and Advances to Government Servants
14.                       Sanction
15.                       Depots
16.                       Buildings and Railways Mail Service Vans
17.                       Provident and Other Funds
18.                       Miscellaneous Subject  and appendices on the following matter
19.                       Table of Concordance
20.                       List of Financial Rules
21.                       Different classes of receipts exempt from Stamp Duty
22.                       Instructions for regulating the enforcement of responsibility for losses, etc.
23.                       Rules regarding the destruction of accounts records appertaining to the accounts audited by the Indian  Audit Department
24.                       List of remittance transactions of Post Offices with other departments under the Government of Indian audit Department
25.                       List of remittance transactions of Post Offices with other departments under the Government of India
26.                       List of remittance transactions with private firms etc.
27.                       Rules regulating the preparation of Last Pay Certificates in case of transfer on duty or of return from leave
28.                       Statement showing the disbursing offices at which office establishment pay bills of the Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department (including the Posts and Telegraphs Audit Offices) are cashed
29.                       Procedure for disbursement of pay and allowances of establishment
30.                       Miscellaneous rulings relating to office expenses
31.                       List of important items to be classified under ‘Other Contingencies’ and list of important articles in common use in the Posts and Telecommunications Departments, the cost of which should be classified under ‘Liveries and Uniforms’, ‘Operational and Minor Equipment for Post Offices and RMS Offices’ and ‘Purchase and Repair'
32.                       Rules for the supply of articles and subsidiary instructions for the guidance of officers who are required to make purchase of stores required for the public service
33.                       Instructions for the purchase of stores through Central Purchase Organization (Director-General, Supplies and Disposals, New Delhi/India Supply Mission, London/India Supply Mission, Washington)
34.                       Rules regulating the purchase of Stationery Stores for the public service
35.                       Directions regulating Inter-Departmental transfers.
36.                       Rules relating to the procedure of work done in Postal Seals Office, Aligarh
37.                       Conditions governing issue of Government Drafts.
38.                       Hints on detecting counterfeit coins
39.                       List of approved Banks
40.                       Application form for advance/final withdrawal from Provident Fund
41.                       Application forms for final payment of balances in the Provident Fund, etc.
42.                       Objects of the P& T Development Fund and Revenue Reserve Fund, etc.
43.                       Procedure for accounting of certain categories of deposits
44.                       Co-operative Credit Society Dues
45.                       History of the convention governing relations between P&T and General Revenues
46.                       Procedure for the accounting of advances on account of pay and traveling allowances on transfer
This Financial Hand Book consists the rules relating to:
1.    Supply of stamps
2.    Revenue Receipts
3.    Post office Accounts
4.    Railway Mail Service Accounts
5.    Miscellaneous Charges
6.    Pension Payments
7.    Miscellaneous subjects and appendices
8.    Table of Concordance
9.    Rules for supply and Distribution of stamps
10.                       Rules relating to payment of interest on stock certificates
11.                       Rules relating to the procedure to be followed when the status of a Post office is changed or when a Post office is closed
12.                       Rules relating to the conveyance of mail and construction, haulage and maintenance of Postal Vehicle
13.                       List of forms referred in Rules and Appendices in this volume
Foreign Post Manual contains the rules relating to:
1.    General Principles of the Universal Postal Union, Acts of the Union, Asian Oceanic Postal Union, Letter Post Items, Terms and Expressions commonly used in international post, Books of reference published by the International Bureau and the Postal administrations, Correspondence with other Administrations, Methods of Payment. Prepayment of Postage in Cash, Free Postage, Treatment of contraband and prohibited articles, Counterfeit or fraudulent stamps and impressions, Preservation of records
2.    Outward Surface Mails
3.    Inward Surface Mails
4.    Closed Surface mails in Transit
5.    Outward Air Mails
6.    Inward Air Mails
7.    Closed Air mails in Transit
8.    Closed Air mails in Transit
9.    Naval mails
10.                       Bags
11.                       Enquiries and Responsibility for Loss, Damage etc.
12.                       Surface Letter mail Accounts
13.                       Accounts Related to Air Mail Conveyance Dues
14.                       General Principles relating to Parcel Service
15.                       Outward Surface Parcels
16.                       Inward Surface Parcels
17.                       Closed Surface Parcel mails in Transit
18.                       Outward Air Parcel Mails
19.                       Inward Air Parcel Mails
20.                       ​Closed Air Parcel mails in Transit
21.                       Enquiries and Responsibility for Loss, Damage Etc. in Case of Parcels
22.                       Parcel Accounts
23.                       V. P. And C.O.D. System
24.                       Foreign Money Orders
25.                       “Through” Foreign Money Orders
26.                       Foreign Telegraphic Money Orders
27.                       Method of Settlement of Account
28.                       General Account With The United Kingdom
29.                       Budget and Statistics And Appendices consisting the
30.                       ​Names of members countries of the UPU and the Optional Agreements to which they subscribe
31.                       Names of the offices to which or offices to whom enquiries relating to unregistered item should be Addressed in different countries
32.                       List of Foreign Countries / Administrations for which an Enquiry regarding registered article should be forwarded direct to the office of destination instead of the office of Exchange
33.                       Names of the Countries for which Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Patna function as office of Exchange for surface parcels
34.                       Mode of settlement of balance of accounts with Foreign Administration
35.                       List of currencies in which payments are to be made or receipt accepted by India
36.                       Name ​of countries/ territories, which insist on a separate Dispatch Note for each Parcel
This Schedule contains the financial powers of the following authorities/ officers of the Department Of Posts:
1.    Postal Services
2.    Board
3.    Director General, Postal Services
4.    ​Head of Circle
5.    Regional Director/ Area manager
6.    Senior Supdt. of Post offices, Senior Supdt. of RMS, First Class Postmaster (including Presidency Postmaster),Dy. Director Foreign Post Mumbai, Supdt. Foreign Post Kolkata and ​New Delhi
7.    Supdt. of Postal Seals, Aligarh
8.    Principal of Postal Training Centre
9.    Dy. Supdt of RMS
10.                       Director/Dy. Director PLI Kolkata
11.                       Supdt. of Postal Stores Depot
12.                       Accounts Officer, ICO (SB) and Central Pairing Officer, New Delhi
13.                       Manager MMS
1.    Definitions and general system of Accounts.
2.    Organisation and Control
3.    Postal  Accounts Work
4.    Book and Compilation
5.    Remittances
6.    Annual Accounts of Central Government
7.    Transfer Entries Journal and Ledger
8.    Cost Calculation
9.    Pension
10.                       Service and other Funds
11.                       Capital
12.                       Account
13.                       Misc. Checks
14.                       Checking of Receipt
15.                       Entitlement, Authorisation, and with​ drawl of Pay and Allowances of Group ‘A’ or ‘B’ officers
16.                       ​Internal Check Inspection and Appendices relating to
1.    ​​​​Extent of Checks and Review, conducted in Postal Accounts Office
2.    Statement /Returns dealt with in the Account Current Section
3.    Period of preservation and destruction of records in Postal Accounts Offices​
17.                       ​List of Forms Referred to in Postal accounts Manual Vol. I
18.                       List of Account heads of the Postal Receipts and Disbursements (printed separately)
1.    ​​​Government Securities
2.    Post office Certificates
3.    Section (I) – Inland Money Order
4.    Section (II) – Foreign Money Order
5.    Indian Postal Orders
6.    British Postal Order
7.    International Reply Coupons
8.    Irish Postal Order
9.    Savings Bank etc.
10.                       Custom Duty
11.                       Army Postal Service Accounts and Appendices relating to:
1.    ​Periodical Returns to be rendered by the Branch Postal Accounts Offices
12.                       List of Forms referred to in this Manual
13.                       This Appendix contains List of Account Heads of Department of Posts Receipts and Expenditure
1.    Savings accounts
2.    Recurring Deposit Accounts. Duties and Responsibilities of postmaster
3.    Time Deposit Accounts
4.    Public Provident Fund Accounts
5.    National Savings Scheme 1987
6.    Monthly Income Account Scheme1987 and Appendices relating to:​
7.    Cheque System in Post office Savings Bank
8.    Pay Roll savings scheme
9.    Preservation Period of SB Records
10.                       Memo of admission of SB transfer
11.                       Register of Verification memos for withdrawal of Rs. 2500/- and above at BOs/ Single handed SOs
12.                       Claim Application form for settlement of SB Account of the deceased depositor, where the claim is prepared on legal evidence of heirship
13.                       Sanction for the payment of the amount of a Saving Bank Account in the name of a deceased depositor
14.                       ​Application for the purpose of availing the facility of automatic transfer from SB Account to RD account
15.                       ​​​​Register of automatic transfer from SB to RD account
16.                       Proforma for the Register of applications for transfer received and advices of transfer dispatched
17.                       Application for issue of a duplicate Pass book
18.                       Incentive scheme for GDS Sub and Branch Postmaster
19.                       Payment of P&T and Railway Pensioners through Post office Savings Bank
20.                       Questionnaire for inspection of Saving Bank Branch and CO of Head Post office by the Accounts Officer ICO (SB)
21.                       Questionnaire for inspection of SBCO by the Officer of the Circle office – Regional Director and Sr. Supdt./ Supdt. Os/Postmaster Gazetted
22.                       Responsibility of Divl. Supdt. towards SBCO
23.                       Questionnaire for inspection of the office of AO ICO (SB)
24.                       Statistical Highlights
25.                       Syllabus for training of SB Counter Assistants
26.                       Syllabus for training of Supervisor in SB Work
1.    Definitions
2.    Stocking and supply of certificates
3.    Custody of Certificates
4.    Maintenance of the Stock Register
5.    Disposal of surplus stocks
6.    Yearly lists of unsold certificates
7.    Yearly list of unclaimed certificates
8.    Application for purchase of certificates- Signing of
9.    Application on behalf of Minors
10.                       Modes of payment for certificates purchased
11.                       Scrutiny of application for purchase and procedure for the issue of certificates
12.                       Issue of Preliminary receipt
13.                       Provisional receipts for certificates
14.                       Purchase of certificates by persons living aboard
15.                       Sale of certificates independently by selected branch post offices
16.                       Sale of certificates through authorized Agents and payment of their commission through Post Office
17.                       Maintenance of the applications for purchase
18.                       Disposal of Applications of purchase received at Branch Offices
19.                       Preparation of Journals of certificates issued
20.                       Payment of certificates by branch offices authorized to do certificates work independently
21.                       Identity Slips
22.                       Encash of Certificates
23.                       Payment of Annual Interest
24.                       Credit of Annual Interest in SB Accounts
25.                       Payment of Annual Interest through banks
26.                       Encashof Certificates of minors
27.                       Encash of Certificates purchased from Provident Fund
28.                       Encash of certificates held in joining names
29.                       Encash of certificates at Branch Post Office
30.                       Encash  of certificates at an office other than the office at Registration
31.                       Partial payment and exchange of certificates
32.                       Journals of certificates discharged and annual interest paid
33.                       Memo of admission of payment
34.                       Nomination
35.                       Change of name of holder
36.                       Transfer of certificates from one Post Office to another
37.                       Transfer of certificates from one holder to another
38.                       Pledging of certificates as security
39.                       Disposal of unclaimed and undeliverable certificates
40.                       Certificates spoiled before issue
41.                       Loss or theft of certificates before issue and from the custody of post office after issue
42.                       Loss, theft, destruction, mutilation of defacement of certificates in the custody of the holder
43.                       Issue of duplicate certificates
44.                       Attachment of a certificate by a Court of Law
45.                       Confiscation by Customs or Excise Authorities
46.                       Payment of savings certificates to an authority empowered under the law
47.                       Clerical or arithmetical mistakes in the issue of  certificates
48.                       Encash of certificates held by Army and Air Force personnel
49.                       Payment of the value of certificates in the name of deceased holders
50.                       Head Office Weekly/Monthly Summaries
51.                       Certificates Voucher List
52.                       Social Security Certificates
53.                       Sale of NSCs to non-Resident Indians
54.                       Issue of a certificate to non-Resident Indian on encash
55.                       Kisan Vikas Patra-Procedure to be followed
56.                       Indira Vikas Patra-Procedure to be followed
57.                       Schedule of fees to be charged. And appendices
58.                       Register of duplicate certificates issued
59.                       Intimation of seizure of NSCs
60.                       Claim application forms, where nomination registered
61.                       Claim application forms, for claims on legal evidence
62.                       Sanction of deceased claim cases
63.                       Register for watching settlement of claims
64.                       Period of preservation of records
1.    Delegation of duties
2.    All  Post Office Savings Bank Orders issued since 01-01-2007
This manual contains rulings relating to:
1.    Classification and Status of Services of Gazetted officers, Central Services class I, II, III, IV
2.    Additions to Pay other than Recurring Honoraria
3.    Additions to Pay (Recurring Honoraria)
4.    Classification and Status of Services Excluded from the Operation of the Civil Services (Classification Control and Appeal) Rules and Appendices relating to:
1.    Medical aid to employees of the Deptt.
2.    Children’s Education Allowance to Central Government Employees
3.    Reimbursement of tuition fees in respect of children of Central Government Employees
4.    Dearness Allowance
5.    Winter Allowance
6.    Rates of Compensatory Allowance (Other than cost of living, Water and house rent allowance)
7.    House rent allowance in lieu of free quarters
8.    List of officers entitled to rent free quarters
9.    Recovery of charges from officials who have been allotted insufficient accommodation
10.                       Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules
This manual contains rules relating to:
1.    Definitions
2.    General Rules
3.    Life Insurance and Endowment Assurance
4.    Manner of effecting Insurance
5.    Manner of realizing Premia
6.    Payment of Policies
7.    Reduction, Discontinuance or Commutation and other alterations.
8.    Surrender of Policies
9.    Policies held by Persons who have left the government service
10.                       Revival of Policies
11.                       Lapsing of Policies
12.                       Loan on Policies
13.                       Post office Insurance Fund : Whole life Assurance – Table I
14.                       Post office Insurance Fund : Endowment Assurance – Table II
15.                       Post office Insurance Fund: Convertible Whole life Assurance - Table III
16.                       Post office Insurance Fund: Anticipated Endowment Assurance - Table IV
17.                       Appendix relating to Procedure to be followed in connection with Proposals submitted by Defence Services Personnel
This Manual contains rules relating to:
1.    S.B. Control Procedure
2.    C.T.D. Control Procedure
3.    F.D. Control Procedure
4.    R.D. Control Procedure
5.    T.D. Control Procedure
6.    C.D.S. Control Procedure
7.    P.P.F. Control Procedure
8.    N.S.A. Certificate Control Procedure
9.    Procedure for Pairing Organisation
10.                       Functions of I.C.O. (S.B) and Appendices relating to:
                               i.            Particulars of Register to be maintained by the Control Organisation
                            ii.            Calender of returns to be submitted by the Control Organisation
                         iii.            Particulars of statements to be submitted by the A.O., I.C.O. (S.B.), to circle Office and Postal Directorate​
                         iv.            Annexures containing the specimens of the registers referred to in this Manual 
This book contains:
1.    Alphabetical list of Name of Post offices
2.    Their status
33. All India PIN Code Directory
34. Inspection Questionnaires