Friday, August 27, 2010


Sub:Imposing of statutory punishments for non –performance of OT Duty.
D.G. Posts No. 6/1/2010-SR dated 24th August, 2010.

I am directed to refer to the Department's letters No.2-4/2005-SR (I) dated 16.06.2006 and No.2-6/2009-SR dated 26.10.2009 on the above mentioned subject.

2. In a periodical meeting of Secretary (Posts) with Federation of National Organizations & its affiliated associations held on 04.01.2006, an agenda item "Imposing of statutory punishments for non-performance of OT Duty" was discussed. The Staff Side contended that one hand, payment of Over Time Allowance to the official was being delayed badly and on the other hand, the officials who expressed their inability to perform over time were being imposed statutory punishments. As per decision taken in the said meeting, all the concerned were instructed that imposing of statutory punishment for non-performing of over time duty should be restored to in rare and exceptional circumstances.

3. Complaints are still being received from the staff side alleging imposition of statutory punishment for non-performance of over time. This issue has also been included as one of the agenda items to be discussed in meeting of Departmental Council (JCM) fixed for 27.8.2010, of which Secretary (Posts) is Chairperson. It has, therefore, become imperative to reiterate the instructions issued by the Department vide letter No. 2-4/2005-SR (I) dated 16.06.2009 for compliance in letter and sprit.

4. Receipt of this letter may please be acknowledged.

(Subhash Chander)
Director (SR & Legal)

Sub: Change in mode of dispatch in the case of PLI,RPLI Sanction Memo.

PLI Dte. No. 29-12/2010-LI dated 13.08.2010.
The undersigned is directed to say that some cases have come to our notice in which fraudulent Sanction Memo was inserted in the bag of Head Post office and payments obtained. To control such type of frauds, it has been decided that Circle Office/Regional Office shall dispatch the Sanction Memo of PLI/RPLI by Service Insured Letter Post for Rs. 100/ duly sealed instead of Service Registered Post. Any Sanction Memo not received through Service Insured Letter Post shall not be entertained.

This may kindly be brought to the notice of all post offices and strict compliance of the aforesaid order may be ensured.

(A.K. Poddar)

General Manager (PLI)