Friday, August 20, 2010


Sub: Implementation of Recommendations of One Man Committee (Extra Departmental Sub Post Offices)


I am directed to refer to this office letter of even number dated 14.-01.2010 on the above mentioned subject.

2. In para 2 of the above communication, it was provided that the present incumbents holding the post of EDSPM will be given protection in the TRCA Scale of Rs.4575-85-7125 corresponding to 5 hours /125 points work of GDS BPM and after discharge of the person for any reason a fresh review will be under taken and the fresh appointed GDS Branch Postmaster is given the TRCA commensurate and the work load of EDBO assessed on points system as per norms.

3. Representations have been received from the staff side seeking clarification on the drawl of annual increases in respect of protected Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) of the incumbent till they vacate the post. The matter has been examined and the competent authority has orders that the present incumbents working in the downgraded Extra Departmental Sub Offices whose Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) is protected in the slab of 4575-85-7125 corresponding to 5 hours/125 points work of GDS BPM shall be annual increase after completion of 12 months. This facility is extended to existing incumbent only and after the existing incumbents vacates the post the work load of B.O. has to be assed a fresh based on norms including revised norms and the time related continuity allowance shall be fixed commensurate with the assessed work load . However the Branch Postmasters whose TRCA has been protected have the keep the Branch Office Open for 5 hours.

4. This position may be brought to the notice of all concerned for strict compliance and adherence.

5. This issues with the approval of Secretary (Posts)

Secretary General NFPE