Saturday, September 4, 2010


The Circle union as well as CHQ are in receipt of many phone calls about the participation of other unions in the proposed General strike organized by all the Central Trade Unions including INTUC on 7.9.2010. The Postal JCA is formed and functioning for the common focus of general problems confronting the postal employees that does not mean that we can insist the others to join the strike for the common cause. That is their prerogative. We cannot reply or respond to the questions that why they have not participated even though INTUC in which it was affiliated has given the call to join the mass action against the wrong policies of the Govt on labour policies.

So far we are concerned, we are having certain convictions, policies and age old adopted norms. Right from Dharwad Federal council 1992, we are part and parcel of the massive actions of the workers movement and we are participating. When Confederation of CG employees endorsed the call and the Federation also decides to carry out the direction, it is our responsibility to make the strike a grand success. We are not depending on any one to carry out our own programme.

All Divisional/Branch Secretaries are requested to mobilize the members in full swing duly translating the justification of our demands in their local language. The notes circulated by the Confederation on the charter of demands already published in our NFPE/CHQ/Circle Union web sites may be utilised for the effective canvassing...................CIRCLE SECRETARY.