Thursday, May 23, 2013


No. P3/2-11/Chennai City Central                                                              dt. 22.05.2013

The Postmaster General,
Chennai City Region,
                                                 Sub:- Request for Immunity from transfer- not considered by the SSPOs,
                                                           Chennai  City Central Division-Reg.
                    It is pertinent to note that the concession of Immunity from transfer is applicable to Divisional Secretary during his first tenure vide DG  P&T Lr. No.69-18/70-SPB I dt 7.12.70 and with subsequent instructions issued by the Department in this matter from time to time. 

     Shri.M.Sekar  has been elected as Divisional Secretary, Chennai City Central Division in September 2012. Now he has completed his tenure at T.Nagar H.O. and applied for Immunity from transfer to carry out his Service Union obligations.

                    But the SSPOs, Chennai City Central Division in spite his oral assurance has transferred  him to Nungambakkam MDO in the RT order. Hence we request the PMG, CCR  to cause necessary action in this matter to grant Immunity from transfer to Shri.M.Sekar, PA, T.Nagar H.O. to continue to work in T.Nagar H.O.who has been elected as Divisional Secretary,  first time  and to allow him  discharge his Service Union commitments effectively. 
With regards, 
Offg. Circle Secretary.

No. P3/2-11/Chennai City Central                                                              dt. 22.05.2013
The Postmaster General,
Chennai City Region,
                                         Sub:-Rotational Transfer-non-observance of norms and guidelines by
                                                   the SSPOs ,Chennai City Central Division-Reg.
The Rotational Transfer  orders  released this year by the Sr.Supdt. of Pos, Chennai City Central Division, Chennai-600017, is totally against the conventions and general  guidelines as and when issued by the Department.  The following violations and deviations were made by the SSPOs Chennai City Central Dn. Chennai-17. Hence  it is requested to cause necessary justice  to the affected officials.

First of all, the requests of the senior most officials  were not considered, resulting in arbitrary postings to other offices  resultantly  affecting  other senior officials also. The simple reason told by SSPOs is that they were already worked previously  in that office. But as per RT guidelines(as per the instructions issued by him in the circular also) the officials who worked as SPMs  in single and double handed offices only, may not be posted in the same office, if they already worked in that capacity. All other requests who worked  in  PA cadre in HOS and Big SOs like HSG I may be considered after a gap of two years. But this was totally not followed in the RT orders.

The cases of officials affected are given below with reasons and a link to be accommodated.

1.Sri. S.Lakshminarayanan who is  No .1 senior most in the RT list as per gradation list has been posted to Greames Road S.O. instead of his  request to  T.Nagar HO as 1st Office of choice. He is coming from chrompet and this is his last tenure.

2.Sri. G.Jenifer,another senior most official, is posted to T.Nagar H.O. against his first office of choice of Greames Road S.O. consequent to the posting of sl no.1. He may be posted to Greames Road S.O.

3. Sri. A.Jesu  who is No.2  senior most official  in the RT list has been posted to Royapettah S.O. against  his choice  to Nungambakkam MDO as 1st choice office.  He is coming from Ambattur and Nungambakkam MDO would be convenient for him and he is also due for retirement within 5 years.

4. Smt. K.Varalakshmi has been posted to Mylapore instead of  Royapettah S.O.  She is having  an ailing mother and is residing in Royapettah area. She may  be posted to Royapettah PO.which is convenient for her to look after family.
5. Smt. G.Anuradha is posted to Mandaveli against her first  choice of  Teynampet PO. She may be posted to Teynampet PO.

6. Smt. S.Anuradha is posted to Royapettah against her specific request  not to post at Royapettah PO because of family problems. Her case shall be considered taking into consideration of her domestic problems  to post at Mandaveli PO.

7. Smt. A.Rani a senior most official is posted to Myalpore PO against her first office of choice of Choolaimedu PO. Her case shall be considered for posting to Choolaimedu PO.

 Secondly ,Compulsory postings are  ordered to junior most officials as SPMs among the RT officials. Generally this should have been done  on  divisional seniority  basis.

a) For example,Smt. V.Subha has been posted as SPM Pudupakkam denying all her requests including Mylapore HO. Her case may be considered taking into consideration of her children and family and shall be posted to Mylapore HO.

b) Smt. Visalakshi is posted as SPM Teynampet west PO denying all her office of choices. She may be posted in one of the office of her request namely Teynampet or T.Nagar HO.

c)  Smt. Subhashini K.Iyer  is posted as SPM, Chindadripet against her office of choices. Her case shall be considered as per her request of Teynampet or Royapettah.

Thirdly, the Request of the just confirmed LRPAs were not considered and posted against their request. We have to point out that they were utilized in many branches and offices including Minus balance settlement etc., during their LR period. Hence they may be posted as per  their request   which will not affect the day-to-day functioning of offices. They are

H.Padmapriya, LRPA T.Nagar HO(now posted as PA Mylapore HO) as PA T.Nagar HO
M.P. Sujatha, LRPA T.Nagar HO(now posted at Mylapore HO) as PA T.Nagar HO
S.Janavi  LRPA T.Nagar HO(now posted at Mylapore HO) as PA T.Nagar HO
K.Venkatesan, LRPA Mylapore (now posted as PA T.Nagar HO) as PA Mylapore HO

With regards,

Offg. Circle Secretary.