Friday, September 6, 2013


 No. P3/2-10/Chengalpattu                                                          dt. 05.09.2013

The Postmaster General,
Chennai City Region,
Chennai 600 002.

           Sub: Irregular transfer orders issued in the middle of the academic year
                 at  Chengalpattu Division – Request for cancellation or atleast modification – Reg.
This is in connection with the  irregular transfer orders issued to some officials , after RT 2013 , at Chengalpattu Division in the middle  of the academic year ,  the facts are brought to your kind notice as below.

     1. RT 2013 was notified and  orders  were issued  to several officials  and by that time Acharapakkam was not notified as a vacant  place and  one Sri. Dhanasekaran is working there  and he has not completed his tenure.

      2. Afterwards,  in order to favour  him , last month, a peace meal transfer  order is issued to  the said  official  to Soonambedu S.O., thereby creating  artificial vacancy at Acharapakkam.

      3. On the other hand,  one  lady official  namely Smt. K. Amutha , who is  having 12 years of service , and who is on deputation at Divl. office from May 2011 on wards,  has submitted request for transfer to Urapakkam S.O., nearby to her residence,  on 13.06.2013,   with the fear that  she would be transferred to the far of place.  But  she was assured  then, for  her  further continuance at Divl. office till next   year RT, and asked to  withdraw her request and she had withdrawn her request on 27.06.2013.

     4. Surprisingly, she was ordered for transfer to Acharapakkam SO, as SPM, a post attached quarters office, 60 Kms awat from her residence,   the place of  vacancy created artificially, after RT 2013.

     5. She is not the junior most Timescale official to be  pushed away at any time  and there are several junior   Time scale officials    in the Division , working at Major units. The plea of the SPOs., that she is the MACP I  official, which  is not correct, based on the  orders of the Dept. that  MACP is  only a Financial up gradation, and not a yardstick to  fill up any supervisory post.

This  is a very clear case that,  in order to favour one, the other is pushed to a far off place. Hence on no  account  these transfers are  to be justified at any grounds of arguments.

Being  the  women employee , living with her family at Vandalur border, nearby Urapakkam , whose only daughter studying 4th standard at Sri Natesan vidyalaya  Matriculation  Higher secondary school, Mannivakkam , nearby Urapakkam  could not able to shift  her family to Acharapakkam quarters, which is 60 Kms away from Urapakkam in the middle of  the academic year.  Being her husband working  nearby Tambaram, is also now transferred to Coimbatore, she could not able to cope up at Acharapakkam quarters, leaving alone  her daughter and aged  in-laws, who are under her care.                                                                                         

In these circumstances, having no  other go,  she had represented with the SPOs., to cancel the orders or to modify and  to give her transfer to Urapakkam S.O.,  where the incumbent is now going on ML , which was turned down by the SPOs., CPT . Hence  she had preferred with appeal to the  R.O.   to consider her request either  to continue at D.O. or  to  give transfer to Urapakkam S.O. on  family/humanitarian/academic  grounds.

We request therefore, the kind  personal intervention of the PMG, CCR , so as to  cancel the irregular orders of transfer  or atleast to modify the same,  on humanitarian grounds, as  requested by the affected official.

With regards,