Tuesday, September 17, 2013


 No.P3/2-14/Chennai City North                                                dt. 17.09.2013

The Postmaster General,
Chennai City Region,
Chennai 600 002.

           Sub: Damaged condition of the  II floor of the Park town HPO building – Request for
                 Demolition of the  entire roof portion and beams  and reconstruction afresh – Reg.
           Ref: 1. JCA, Chennai City North Dn. Letter No. PT HO/Ceiling/2013 dt. 14.09.2013.
                2.  Copies of photographs of Debris taken on 14.09.2013  at Park town HO bldg.

Your kind attention is invited to the   reference cited.  You may aware that the ceiling and beams  of the second floor  of  Park town HPO building is totally in a damaged condition ,  the TMT rods of the concrete structure in many places are  totally  corroded, in the frequent rains, visibly seems very thinner,  and lost  its  strength. Various  mega size cracks are found in the   connecting beams of the ceiling , in between pillars  and  the structure at second floor may collapse at any time.

The incident took place on 14 th September 2013 is only a prelude and  the  life of the staff  working  there is  at high risk . If the person working there is at his seat at the time  of falling of the huge block concrete, he would definitely lost his life, the  pathetic  picture of the  broken chair, shows the reality. When the matter was reported to the knowledge of the  Regional administration,  it is learnt that,  they have directed the Civil wing authorities to carry out just the   scrapping  and relaying of weathering course  and further to undertake  patch works in the  damaged areas and  cracks. 

We feel, this  is not  correct on the part of the administration ,   and only betting  the  lives of the serving employees at the cost of any contracts already awarded by the Civil Wing. Whatever may be the powdering work now undertaken, that would not strengthen the  completely corroded TMT rods within the  concrete structure .  Hence , scrapping the entire roof slab  and beams and reconstructing them afresh , is the only  and correct way  to save  the  building and the  life of the staff  serving   under  the  roof.

On the above stated circumstances, we  request the  PMG, CCR   to take immediate action  so as to

i) shift immediately the  entire branches  functioning  at the second  floor  to another  safe place either rented  or  within the  complex, in order to run the  day to day work smoothly ;

ii) stop any  scrapping of  weathering course  at the ceiling now ordered for, and  to assess afresh for
    reconstruction of the  entire ceiling with beams ;

iii)undertake the  reconstruction works at the  earliest  means ,  in order to accommodate the entire branches  as before.

With regards,