Thursday, August 7, 2014


Some of the Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries are forwarding Divisional/Circle level cases to the CHQ by post and also by email, even without discussing the case with the Divisional/Regional/Circle Administration.  Whenever CHQ takes up any case of a Division/Circle at Directorarte level, it should clearly mention that the issue was taken up at Circle level and the reply given by the Circle Administration (written or oral) shall also be mentioned.
               Conducting monthly meeting by Divisional head with Divisional Unions, Bi-monthly meeting by Regional PMG/DSP (HQ) with Circle Unions and JCM (Regional Council) meeting/Formal four monthly meeting by Chief PMG with Circle Unions at regular intervals is mandatory.  If these meetings are held regulartly at Divisional/Regional/Circle level, then most of the Divisional/Circle level items can be discussed with the administration and the administration is bound to give a written reply.  if any Divisional head is not holding monthly meeting every month, then the Divisional Secretary should taken up the case through Circle Union with Chief PMG for issuing instructions to the Divisional head.  If any Regional, PMG/DPS (HQ) is not holding Bi-monthly meeting every two months, the case should be taken up with Chief PMG through Circle Union for issuing instructions to the PMG/DPS (HQ).  If Chief PMG is not holding JCM (RC) meeting and formal four monthly meeting, then Circle Secretary should take up the case with CHQ       for issuing suitable directions from the Directorate to Chief PMG.  If Chief PMG is not ready to intervene in any case, that matter should be reported to CHQ with details of the cases taken up with CPMG.
               It is the responsibility of the Divisional/Circle Secretary to ensure that formal meetings (MM, BM, FM, JCM RC) are held regularly with the Divisional/Regional and Circle Administration.  Whenever any case is sent to CHQ, a mention should be made to the effect that the case is taken up with Circle Administration and such and such reply (either oral or written) is given.  If CPMG is not ready to discuss, it may be mentioned.  CHQ will mention this fact in our letter to/discussion with Directorate.  Normally Directorate will not entertain Divisional/Circle level issues, unless a clear mention is made that the issue was taken up at Circle level but could not be settled and the stand taken by the CPMG is also mentioned.
               On behalf of the CHQ, I request all Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries  to follow the above procedure when you are taking up Circle/Divisional level cases at CHQ level.  The above procedure is not applicable to general cases of All India nature.  Such cases can be taken up with CHQ, even without taking it up at Circle level.
                                                                       M. KRISHNAN
                                                                 Secretary General, NFPE
                                                & General Secretary, AIPEU Gr.C (CHQ)