Sunday, November 30, 2014


No.P3/2-10/Chengalpattu                                                                                    dt. 28.11.2014


The Postmaster General,
Chennai City Region,
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Sir,

            Sub:  Request to stop frequent deputation of   System Administrators to the leave  vacancies
                      In Chengalpattu Division   and other   issues  - Reg.

It is rather dismayed to note that  the  System Administrators  are frequently  deputed  to the  offices to work as  Counter P.A.s  or  SPMs  in the leave vacancies   at   Chengalpattu  Division. In this  connection our Circle Union brings the following  to the  kind notice of the PMG, CCR  so as to intervene and  to stop  such  deputations , affecting  CBS migrations .

Chengalpattu  Division is  having  only 5 System Administrators to look after 47 offices , out of which  3 Major offices  are already migrated to CBS   and  7 offices  were now identified for migration   to CBS in the next batch. It  is a known fact that  problems are frequently occurred in  the transition period  and  the S.A.s  have to attend the frequent calls  then and there in CBS offices, besides to  attend  the   day to day problems in all the  computerized offices.  In these  circumstances, the Divl. administration is in the  habit of  deputing S.A.s frequently to the  offices  to work as P.A. / SPM  in the leave vacancies/ long term vacancies . This  is affecting  the  entire system and working staff  could not able to avail the services of the S.A.s  then and there in between counter operations, resulting  in  affecting  of public  services badly. Hence  our Circle  Union requests   the  PMG, CCR   for the  immediate  intervention , so as to  stop such  deputations and to safe guard the  public  services.

There is another  issue  at Chengalpattu Division , which was taken up by the Divl. Union with the  SPOs, Chengalpattu and   was turned down.  Kalpakkam MDG is originally  functioned with 1 SPM and 7 P.As  (Sanctioned strength)  but  now is  functioning only  with  2 P.A.s  besides  the  SPM.  Railway  reservation Counter is opened  at that office   and  one  of the P.A. is now earmarked for   this purposes. Hence   this office  is functioning with 1+1 for attending  all the item of works  including  delivery, Treasury,  MPCM,  Savings Bank etc.  Being  it is  MDG office,  we can well imagine  the  big task  before the   SPM and the single P.A.  and   they  are suffering like anything to finish the day to  job  with public  curses and  the  services  are badly affected. Pendency of work   is heaped up at this office and whenever any Inspecting Officer visits this office,  the   poor over working staff will be  slapped with charge sheets, because of unfinished tasks.  New services   should be   introduced  in a better environment  in order to get   the  confidence of the  common public  and  not   the  curses.

Hence  this matter is brought to the notice  of the PMG, CCR  so as to stop  the Railway  Reservation Counter for a while, till   such time  new Rectt. P.A.s are arriving  and   postings  were made  at  this office .

With regards,