Sunday, November 30, 2014


. No. AIPEU/P3/  81 /WR/                                                                                                                    dated    the   24.11..2014
The Postmaster General,
Western Region
Coimbatore 641002.

Respected Madam,

                                 Sub:-Subjects for Bi-monthly meeting with the PMG/WR-reg
                                 Ref:-PMG/WR letter No.SR/02-01/14 dt 04.06.2014
  The following item of subjects are proposed to be taken up for discussions with the PMG/WR during the Bi-monthly meeting.  The same may  kindly be entertained.
Re-opening of old items though assured and replied as settled, but not settled till date.

Reopening of Item No.1dt 12.06.2012

Request for Dequarterisation of Post offices-ineligible for dwelling
1.Kethi S.O.,2.Kilkotagiri S.O 3..Kullakombai S.O. of Nilgiris Division

Reopening of Item 3 dt 12.06.2012 :-

Optimizing the working hours of the Post Offices and Reopening of Item No 1 dt 25.11.2013:-Request for fixing continuous working hours of Post offices in Western Region as in the case of other  Regions in Tamilnadu Circle

Pending subjects:-

1..Request  to attend various office maintenance works like replacing of outdated Computers, replacing of failed UPS and Generators, Construction of Building, construction of Cycle Shed and provision of shed for DMMS vans.

 Replacement of Generator in disrepair condition in Omalur S.O, Mettur Dam S.O. of Salem West Division
iii).There  is no proper parking facilities available in the R.S Puram HO premises. Previously available cycle shed were being utilized for other purposes like Car Shed,Generator Shed.  The staff are being forced to park their vehicles in the pathway.  Hence it is requested to provide facilities to park two-wheelers.

iv).There is no shed for DMMS vans in Suramangalam HPO campus.  Previously available DMMS Vans shed were being utilized for SRO Office.  Hence it is requested to provide shed for DMMS Vans.  .

v).Construction of Annex building at Tiruppur HO since the present accommodation is very cramped. It is requested to cause appropriate action to take the issue of constructing annex building either vertically or horizontally to the possible extend which is the need of the hour.

vii)Repairing of compound wall at Bhavani Sagar LSG SO of Tirupur Division

viii)Non maintenance of staff quarters at Gobichettipalayam

3.Non implementing of Directorate Orders/C.O. orders/R.O. orders,department norms, statutory rules and principles in the staff matters and in the Staff welfare of Western Region, despite taking up these matters to the notice of the authority concerned on several occasions through continued letters.(eg)

Details of the Case:-
a)to call back the officials sticking over tenure in sensitive posts such as vigilance,stock,staff buildings and purchase as per Central Vigilance Commission ,New Delhi  guidelines in letter No.004/VGL/09225553 dt 111.9.2013 and as per Dte orders in this issue in letter No.4-7/2009-VIG  dt   3.7.2013 in Salem West Division and Pollachi Division. (e.g.)The Store Keeper (DMMS)Post is also comes under sensitive post since  store keeper is in the capacity of purchase of spares to Mail vans under the Divisional office control.  The present incumbent of Salem West Division Store Keeper already completed a tenure in the DMMS and now also working as Store Keeper from 2011 against the tenure period of 2/3 years in sensitive post. rotate the Marketing Executives working in Divisional Office for more than 6 years without observing the tenure norms prescribed

i.e)The Postal staff are eligible for enhanced peripheral HRA and  they will be drawn with higher rate of HRA and the sanction will be issued once in 3 years.  But from the year 2008 some of the offices were not drawn with the same.  The issue is being dragged on for years together, and the files are being tossed up between DO and RO, RO and Directorate without any fruitful result.  The renewal sanction from 2011 to 2014 is also pending for the under mentioned offices. 

Salem West Division  For 2008-2010
1.Govt College of Engineering S.O
2.Mohan Nagar S.O
3.Salem Steel Plant S.O.
For 2011-2014
1.Govt College of Engineering S.O
2.Mohan Nagar S.O
3.Salem Steel Plant S.O.
4.karuppur S.O
5.Omalur S.O
6.Omalur Cutcherry S.O

New Subjects:
1.Request for Repairs at Staff quarters and Departmental PO building.  It is reported every where in large scale throughout the Region.

For e.g.Request for Repairs in Postal Staff quarters in Sai Baba Colony. and Request for Provision of Water Tank to Staff quarters in Mettur Dam

2.Non-drawal of incentive,HRA etc., to the staff working in this Region

For e.g.Non-grant of Honorarium to the System Administrators from the year 2011-12 to till this date,Requesting drawal of incentive for handling of Finance Cheques from Nodal Offices and Requesting Re-Drawal of recovered  HRA to the SPM Tirupur East S.O

3.Recall of PAs deputed to RO/DO for PLI/RPLI work since entire work on migration has now been decentralized to all HOs.  Exclusive establishment should be made at HO for this branch. & Request for  permission to utilize the services of Outsiders as in other Regions to meet out the shortage of staff strength.
The following office bearers  will be attending the meeting.  Necessary arrangements may kindly be made for granting special Casual Leave and relief to them.
Sri.J.Ramamoorthy ,Circle Secretary, AIPEU,Group-C @ Chennai 600005

Sri.C.Sanjeevi,Asst.Circle Secretary& Regional Secretary@ Suramangalam HO