Monday, February 25, 2019


The following issues related with fresh RT guidelines , taken up with our All India union  is reproduced here under:-

I.                    Rule38

1.       The restrictions imposed under Para (viii) about considering of Rule 38 transfers only with the direct/promotee candidates with the same category and also as per the posts earmarked under the reservation may be revisited as it will cause more difficulties in finding mutual transfers to the officials of the same category. The old position may be restored status quo ante. The adjustments can be made in case of direct/ promotee or reservation etc at the time of recruitment notified in the respective divisions.

2.       The fixation of time to consider the Rule 38 transfer once in a year may be reconsidered and the condition of one time in one year may please be dropped. The circumstances for applying Rule 38 transfers and the need and emergency must be taken note of in the middle of the year as in the past in the interest and welfare of the officials.
3.       The restrictions imposed in the order under reference 3. (ix) that the officials will be eligible for two inter circle transfer and two intra circle transfer during the entire service may please be withdrawn since many officials who are having the spouse with all India liability of transfer will be affected badly and it will defeat the purpose.

4.       The conditions put forth that the application for transfer under Rule 38 shall be received between 1st April to 30th June and the applications received thereafter will not be entertained should be withdrawn as it is against to the interest of the employees. The earlier practice of maintenance of request register for this purpose to register the transfer requests then and there and causing orders of transfer based on the request seniority has been dispensed with the new instructions. As per the new orders, the length of service will be the deciding factor rather than the date of application and the request seniority of the officials. Thus the senior requests for transfer will not be entertained due to the introduction of length of service which will affect many junior women employees who are seeing transfer to settle with their spouse or family even after joining the service or after the marriage. This may please be revisited.

5.       There is another clause introduced that while forwarding the Rule 38 transfer applications, the requests of the officials need not be forwarded if the shortage in the respective division remains below 25%. This causes a concern. It will deprive the chances of the officials who are seeking transfer from those divisions to another division and have to wait to forward their applications till the improvement of the shortage in the division.

6.       If the orders under Rule 38 are ordered in November it will cause dislocation of the education of the wards of the officials who are seeking the transfer. In short it is our opinion that the fixation of time etc is unwarranted and the Rule 38 transfers can be considered as in the past based on the request seniority in the register being maintained for the purpose.
7.       The restrictions of three times for grant of temporary transfer for the three years may please be considered and withdrawn.


8.       The reduction of tenure period from four years to three years is deplorable. This will cause inconvenience to the officials to shift their family in early span and the wards of the officials will be shifted from their educational institutions frequently which will hamper their studies.

9.       It is the settled policy based on the bilateral discussions held with the staff side that the station tenure is applicable only to the Gazetted and other non Gazetted like IP & ASPOs as per the policy guidelines issued under No.69/4/79/SPB dated 12.11.1981 and this should not be diluted or deviated. It will cause more dislocations and in many urban divisions, there may not be offices available other than the towns/ cities and major exodus will take place in respect of postal assistants if the station tenure is applied. This should be withdrawn and it is requested that the status quo ante in the tenure period that the four years tenure and non-application of station tenure for non gazetted officials must be restored immediately.

10.   The period of tenure for the singlehanded offices should be restored to four years instead of three years. The condition that the officials who are due for superannuation within two years should not be posted to single handed offices is arbitrary, unjust and against to the canon of natural justice. When those offices were already earmarked as LSG and the seniors in the LSG if opt for their fair chance should not be denied on the plea that they are having only two years of service.

In fact after the release of the guidelines, there is a panic prevailing among the staff which is not good at this juncture of modernization and involvement of staff in more marketing activities and it will demotivate the officials due to their fear of frequent disturbances in the places of their postings.