Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Smt. Shanthi Nair, IPS.,
Chief  Postmaster General,.
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

No. P3/2-77/ Vriddhachalam                                                                                    dt. 07.08.2013.

                                            Sub:  Non grant of  approval to the duly elected body  of Vriddhachalam
                                                     Divisional Union  by the SPOs., Vriddhachalam – undue  delay applying
                                                     Dilly dallying methods – Reg.
                                            Ref:   Our Circle Union letter dt. 21.06.2013 a/t PMG, CR with copy to SPOs.,
Kindly refer to the letter cited , the copy of which is submitted herewith for your kind  perusal.

The Divisional Conference of  AIPEU GR.C,  Vriddhachalam Divisional Branch was conducted on 09.06.2013 at Mangalampet/Vriddhachalam Division  in the presence of  the Circle Office bearer/Regional Secretary  of our Union. The list of elected office bearers is received at Circle Union end from one Sri. A. Manoharan, with   copy to the Divisional administration, requesting for extending TU facilities. Official observer has also attended and  submitted his report, in which  no dispute is recorded.

Though the list  of elected office bearers were  submitted by the  duly elected Secretary to the SPOs., Vriddhachalam on the next day itself , the  SPOs.,  did not extend  trade union facility to the  elected body.  This matter was reported to the knowledge of the Circle Union and  in turn we have enquired with the Divl.  admn. and they asked  an approval letter from the Circle Union . In turn   we have sent  the letter cited under reference with a specific request  for approval.

But no reply received from any end till date.  On enquiring of  the issue  again with the R.O., they replied that one member has raised a complaint about the  validity of a single member who has voted in the election and  they reported that  ,  this factor  should be verified through field authorities.   But no enquiry was conducted for the past two months, to till date.  This matter was again  taken up  by our  Regional Secretary with the R.O. and they replied that  this  case was  referred to C.O.  Again , we have approached  the  C.O.  and  they replied that the papers were sent back to  SPOs., Vridhachalam for  enquiry   and  to report.

Though  kept fully  dark on this matter, on getting oral information from the  sources,  our Divisional secretary again   given a detailed  report on this  with the SPOs., Vriddhachalam on 24.07.2013 alongwith the connected documents, which clears the picture on the  issue.  The copy of his letter  and the  documents so submitted , are enclosed herewith  for your kind reference.

Actually there is no issue and it is only a non issue. A member Smt. P. Maheswari, who was lifted from  LR PA during the end of  May 2013, was  shown posted  to Tirukoilur HO.  Being LRPA then, her pay and allowances were drawn at Vriddhachalam HO  till April 2013 and her subscriptions were recovered at Vriddhachalam HO till that month. At  Tirukoilur HO  her subscription was not recovered from her pay during the month of  May 2013. This is  the administrative fault  of  DDO, Tirukoilur .

Hence, during the month of June 2013  ie on 30.06.2013 her subscriptions  for two months were  deducted at Tirukoilur HO from her pay.  Simply for the reason  that  the  subscription was not recovered during  May 2013 at Tirukoilur HO, by the DDO,  the  said Smt. P. Maheswari was termed by the complainant as a non member. It is an utter false  report and even  based on our Constitution, a member can be treated as a non member , only if   he  is a defaulter for three consecutive months .

It is crystal clear that, this matter is  within the jurisdiction of the SPOs., VDL and there  is no election dispute and there is no  reason to forward these papers to  Chief PMG, TN.  and there is no rules to  refer to  do  so. Simply for the purpose of  enquiring  this petty  issue,  the papers were tossed for the past  two months  by the SPOs., Vriddhachalam  to   the pillar to post   -  from R.O. to  C.O.  and   even wasting the precious time of  our  Chief PMG, TN  now.  Knowing  fully of the facts,  despite  on receipt of detailed report from the Divisional Secretary with  supported records ,  the  SPOs., Vriddhachalam is  still reporting enquiring…. enquiring … the case.

Having  no other go,  we bring  this  petty matter to the kind personal notice of the Chief PMG,TN  for  taking  immediate  suitable action    so as  to grant  recognition to the  duly elected body immediately.

With regards,