Friday, August 30, 2013


No. P3/2/VDC                                                                  DT. 30.08.2013

The Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Madam,
                 Sub: Request to allow to sit  in IP Examination for the year 2013 – Case of 
                       Sri. M. Ganesh , SPM, Perungaiyur, Vriddhachalam Division – Reg.

                 Ref: PMG, CR  No. REP/7-88/13-TR dt. 19.08.2013 communicated in SPOs., VDL
                       No. B II/128/2013 dt. 22.8.2013.
This is the case  of  non allowing,  to sit in the  IP examination under Departmental quota for the year 2013, of the noted  official on the subject.

It was informed by the R.O., Trichy  vide  their  letter cited that on the reason “ Censured vide SP,VDC memo. No. CPT/Misc/2011 dt. 30.11.2011”  the official was not permitted to  sit in the  said examination.  In this connection  we are placing  the following for your  kind  consideration and for taking  immediate  decision .

1. As per the conditions laid down in  para 9  of the IP recruitment notification dt. 17.06.2013
   in file No.A/34012/05/2013/DE,  in this case,  there is no disc. Action pending/ contemplated    against the official; no punishment is current and no adverse entry in the last five years of  his    APAR.

2  In the APAR for the period from 1.4.2011 to 19.8.2011;  12.9.11 to 31.3.2012   and 
   1.4.2012 to 31.3.2013,the official  was awarded with overall grading of 5.1,  5.7, and 7.4        and hence  there is  no  adverse grading, except  an entry of awarding of Censure on                30.11.2011.

3. More over  the ‘Censure’  will have the effect of  one year  only from the date of  awarding 
   and in his case his period  is over by 1.12.2012.

4. As per para (7) of Rule  11 of CCS (CCA) Rules 1965,  the eligibility  of a Govt. Servant, who
   has  been  awarded the penalty of Censure, to appear at a Deptl/promotional exam,  awarding
   of Censure cannot be bar  to sit  in the examination, if otherwise  found fit  and  overall
   assessment of  his service record,should be taken into account , while  deciding  the case. In        his case the overall assessment as per  his recorded  APAR  is   good/ very good and  even  he 
   was allowed  by the  same  SPOs., VDL , to officiate as IP  during  the currency of ‘Censure’ 

5.  No administrative instruction can over rule the statutory rules  of the  Govt.  and hence any
    orders  or instructions issued by any  executive authority against this, will not be  valid on any

    All the connected records/orders are enclosed herewith for your ready reference .

Hence , on any account , his candidature  for  the  IP exam  . should not be debarred  and  he  should be allowed to sit  in  the   ensuing  examination.

Being  the date  of  examination  of the IP Exam . is noted as 14.9.2013 and 15.9.2013,  the time  is  very short, and  hence  we request  that  the same  may kindly be pursued at the immediate  so as to  allow  the  said official to sit in the  examination.

With regards,