Wednesday, August 7, 2013


 No. P3/2-65/Trichy                                                                                                     d t. 06.08.2013

Smt. Shanthi Nair, IPS,
Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Madam,
                         Sub : Vindictive issuance of transfer orders on the basis of false  complaint – Case of
                                  One Sri. J. Janakiraman, PM Gr. I, Melakalkandarkottai, Trichy – Reg.
                         Ref:  1. This union letter  of even no. dt. 12.07.2013 a/t  CPMG, TN  by name.
                                 2.  Representation dt. 29.7.2013 of the said official enclosing the copy of the
                                      Orders of CAT, Madras Bench in OA No.985/2013 dt.23.7.2013.

Your kind attention is invited on the subject matter and to the references cited, the copies of which are enclosed herewith   for your  ready reference.

Despite of  the receipt of  the orders of CAT, Madras Bench, by the respondent side,    and   despite of  personal representation of the official concerned,  there  seems no action  in this  case, which  we feel  very   sorry on the  part of the ground level  administration.  ( A period of  one month is  elapsed now, from  the date of  issuance of the orders).

We place  this before  the  knowledge of the CPMG, TN , that   this  is the  punishment given by the administration, for  a loyal  and sincere worker of the Department and  we realize  that ,  even the  intervention of the  judiciary  is not respected and this the order of the day.

A ray of hope   still remains in the name  of  Chief PMG, TN and we  hope  her personal  intervention  to keep the justice  at least by now.

With regards,

Copy to :

Sri. Mervin Alexander, IPS, Postmaster General, Central Region( addl. Charge) @ Chennai 600 002 for kind infn. &n/a.