Saturday, October 31, 2015

Editorial of Postal Crusader - November-2015

48 HOURS STRIKE ON 1st & 2nd DECEMBER-2015
                 7th Central Pay Commission has completed its task. The Report is ready and it was to be submitted by 30th September, 2015. Pay Commission requested to grant extension for two months to bind up the office but Government is very generous to grant extension for four months i.e. up to 31st December, 2015. National Joint Council of Action of National Council JCM constituent organizations took decision to defer the Indefinite Strike to be held from 23rd November-2015 as Pay Commission has not submitted its report. NFPE has taken decision earlier to go on indefinite strike from 23rd November-2015. But due to some technical reasons and in the wake of decision of NJCA, NFPE Federal Secretariat meeting held at  Hyderabad  on 11.10.2015 had reviewed  the entire situation  and came to the conclusion that 48 hours strike on 1st & 2nd December-2015  will be organized in the Department of Post on 4 Points Charter of  demands which include ,  Inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC , Implement cadre Restructuring proposals in all sections, filling  up of all vacant posts in all cadres  as per actual sanctioned strength and stopping up of  all types of harassments in the name of implementation of various  new services and schemes and Trade Union Victimization.

            Neither Government of India nor Department of Post appears to be sincere towards the genuine demands of Postal Employees including GDS. Our demand of inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC which was assured by the Secretary (P) and Minister Communication is still unsettled. They are not at all serious to settle the genuine demand of poor GDS employees who are still deprived from all the basic rights and facilities extended to the regular Government employees. We cannot tolerate this state of affairs of exploitation of GDS employees and can go to any extent until and unless the GDS employees are treated as regular Government employees and given all the due rights and facilities extended to regular Government employees.

            The Cadre restructuring proposals in all Cadres including Postal Accounts and MMS were finalized about 2 years ago but still these are not implemented. If this could not be implemented before the implementation of  report of 7th CPC , it will be of no use.

            Postal staff in each cadre is facing lot of hardship due to acute shortage of staff, because the recruitment is not being done on the basis of actual sanctioned strength. If staff shortage is met out more than 50% problems will be solved automatically.

            One of the most burning problems is the harassment of staff in all cadres in the name of implementation of various schemes and services and trade union victimization. CBS and CSI has become a very serious problem. Without developing proper infrastructure these schemes are being implemented and staff is facing more difficulties and harassment from administration as well as public. More and more staff is being made victim under contributory negligence factor. If any union representative raises his voice against all these excesses he is victimized.

            This state of affairs on the part of administration cannot be tolerated more.
            Therefore the Federal Secretariat of NFPE has decided unanimously to go on 48 hours Strike on 1st and 2nd December-2015.

            NFPE call upon the entirety of Postal, RMS and GDS employees to make all efforts to  make the 48 hours strike a historic success and make the department  and Government  of India  to understand  that Postal Employees  will not leave  their genuine  demands and will always remain on the path of struggle.

            Unitedly we fight we will win. We have won on so many occasions and this time also we will win.


Inquilab Zindabad
Postal Unity Zindabad
NFPE  Zindabad.