Sunday, June 12, 2016

An important order - Steps to be taken to prevent frauds in CBS Offices

Government of India
Ministry of Communication& IT
Department of Post
Financial Services Division
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi -110001
Directorate Order No.25-11/2016-FS-CBS,                                                  Dated 10.06.2016

Subject : Further steps to be taken to prevent frauds in CBS Offices

1. It was requested earlier that all SBCO staff should be given training at WCTCs by User Champions for End User/Supervisor Module before SBCO training by Infosys. Please ensure that all SBCO staff has been trained by User Champions as well as Infosys. A certificate of completion of training should be obtained from all SBCO staff and kept in their service book.

2. Divisional Heads should ensure that SBCO staff is comparing LOT generated through MIS server with the vouchers received from SO/HO. Wherever, there is shortage of staff in SBCO, necessary help should be provided from Post Office staff to SBCO (spared from SBSO branch) to complete voucher checking.

3. Any objection received from SBCO by Divisional Head or Vigilance Branch of RO/CO should be investigated promptly.

4. Transfer of account from one CBS PO to another CBS PO should be carried out at HO only. If any application for transfer is submitted at any CBS SO, that SO has to verify genuineness of the customer by taking fresh KYC documents (if required). Application should entered in a register to be maintained in manuscript and forward with KYC documents to its HO for transfer of account. In HO, one designated PA should transfer the account and Supervisor has to verify the same. After transfer, Application of transfer and KYC documents should be returned to SO duly entered in SO slip. SO should make entry in the register and maintain separate Guard File for keeping such applications.

5. All visiting/ inspecting officers should check this register and guard file at SO.

6. No SO should transfer any account from one scheme to another. Any such request should also be sent to HO along with documents and recommendations by SO. This activity should be done only by Supervisor at HO and verify by another Supervisor at HO. All such requests should be entered in a register HO and kept in n separate guard file. This should also be checked and verified by inspecting / visiting officers.

7. SBCO staff should sing in each and every voucher after tallying with LOT generated through the system in token of having checked TRAN ID, Account number and Amount.

8. SBCO should also see the value date printed in LOT and if any value date of more than 3days of the LOT date is used, objection should be raised if no error book entry of approval of competent authority is not attached with the voucher.

9. Postmaster of HPO shall designate one PA who will generate LOT of Office accounts of Single/ Double handed SOs and see if any transaction of more than Rs.25,000/- is shown in these LOTs. Customer Account details of such transactions should be generated from HACLI Menu and sent to PRI(P) / Inspection Post / ASP(Post) for verification.

10. All CBS Post Offices should be instructed that BO transactions should not be entered if BO Bag is received after 3.30 PM. These transaction should entered on the next day

11. All CBS Post Offices should be directed to complete their transactions maximum by 5 PM and no new transactions should be entered after 5 PM. All supervisors should verify transactions regularly without delay so that EOD can be started by 5 PM.

12. All Supervisors should tally teller account with each counter PA with Treasurer’s Cash book and ensure that teller account has become 0 before start of EOD.

13. Teller Cash Account of each Single/ Double handed SO should be checked at HO by a designated PA to ensure that balance has been made as 0.

14. SOs should not lodge cheques in Finacle. Cheques received from New Investment and subsequent deposit should be sent to HO by preparing manual list. HO should lodge cheques presented at SOs for new investment against clearing office account of SO and for subsequent deposits in its own clearing account. SOs should check their New Investment Clearing Office account daily to see clearance received at HO and open accounts with value date as clearing date and fund the account.

15. Activities of security pledge or release in case of TD or NSC or KVP should also be carried out at HOs only. In case such request is submitted at SO, SO can verify the facts and recommend security pledge or release on the application and send to HO. At HO, a designated Supervisor will use HAFSM menu and execute the request. Another Supervisor or Postmaster has to verify the same. Application should be returned to SOs which will do necessary entries on the original certificates and keep requests in a separate guard file.

This has the approval of competent authority.
Sachin Kishore