Friday, June 17, 2016

Restrict on execution of HISCOD with SET ID

From: ​​
FSI (CBS) Team, CEPT <>

Date: 17 June 2016 at 11:43

Subject: Important : Restrict on execution of HISCOD with SET ID

Dear SPOC​ and EOD team,
From today onwards,  it will NOT allow the user to run HISCOD in SET ID.

User will get an error "HISCOD should be submitted only for SOL ID" if any one tries  HISCOD with SET ID.

Some of the users habituated to leave  office without submitting HISCOD for their SOL.

Later their respective Circle CPCs used to execute HISCOD as a SET in late hours.

It is also found that some users had executed HISCOD for whole SET erroneously.

In order to avoid  these, DOP requested to restrict  user in submitting HISCOD as a SET and can insist Branch users to submit HISCOD with SOL ID as input.

If it is submitted with SOL ID then blocking validation will be checked individually and branch user will be clearing pending blocking validation before leaving office.

Please instruct the SOLs to run HISCOD and check in HSSI whether status of SOL changes to " Change of date initiated", before leaving the office

It is also to clarify that in case of DC closure  delays on any day or on the day of  holiday EOD,  this validation will be relaxed  on the direction of competent authority

Thanks & regards,