Friday, June 17, 2016


"என்னய்யா நடக்குது  அங்கே ?"

A customer comes to post office and presents his passbook with withdrawal form. CPA invoke the CTM menu, fill Account No. and check balance of Customer. There is sufficient balance in his account. So CPA proceeds the withdrawal and hand over the Rs 13000/- rupees to Customer. After receiving the money a black play starts by customer. A relative of customer is standing at ATM. As customer informs quickly to his relative to withdrawal money, relative makes three transaction, two of Rs 6000 and one of Rs 1000 in micro second. This balance of account goes down. This ATM withdrawal activity starts before Transaction verification.

Now Supervisor start to verify the transaction. He is shocked to see that there is not sufficient balance in account. In this situation what can do CPA or Supervisor because it is single hand office. He can't fill FIR to police because our department is not so cooperate to help him for this doing. CPA comes to Customer home and say please return money because your account has not sufficient amount and you withdrawal the amount from ATM. He replies that my ATM has been lost and I have already inform your department. I don't know anything. This is your work to find who withdrawal the money from ATM.

This event is so sad full to our employee who is not aware of this mischievous activity. The event happened at MNIT Post office Jaipur.
Please give money to customer when you complete the verification process and fully satisfied to check his passbook balance on HACLI. We don't want to repeat this black play with any other employee. The amount Rs.13000/- is not so big but many of us have liability. So this amount is huge due to penalize him for tally that day daily account.
Source: potools