Wednesday, August 3, 2016

MACPs - Acceptance of 7th CPC recommendation : NFIR writes to Cabinet Secretary ( Ragavaiah is the President of the NJCA/NJCM )

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

No. IV/NFIR/7 CPC(Imp)/2016/MoF
Dated : 02/08/2016

The Cabinet Secretary,
Government of India,
Rastraapati Bhavan Annexie,
New Delhi

Respected Sir,

Sub: Government’s acceptance of 7th CPC recommendation – Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme – reg.                                                                                 .....

NFIR invites kind attention of the Government to the acceptance of 7th CPC recommendations circulated by the Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) vide Resolution No. 1-2/2016-IC dated 25th July 2016, the Annexure II of which contains the decision in relation to Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) as given below:-

·                         “While the MACP has been continued to be administered at the intervals of 10,20 & 30 years of service to an employee as was in vogue, the benchmark for performance appraisal under the MACPS has been enhanced from “good” to “very good”.
·                         It has also been decided by the Government to withhold annual increments in the case of those employees who are unable to meet the benchmark for MACP or on regular promotion within first 20 years of the service of the employee”.

In this connection, NFIR conveys that the Government has not consulted JCM (Staff Side) before taking decision as above although this being one of the issues contained in the Charter of demands, seeking discussion. The decision has caused disappointment among Railway employees and as well Central Government employees. Upgrading the bench mark from “good” to “very good” for granting financial upgradation under MACPS would provide unfettered powers to the superiors to victimize and give scope to favour the liked staff on “pick” and “choose” basis. The decision for withholding annual increments on the pretext that employees are unable to meet the bench mark for MACP or regular promotion within first 20 years of service would not only demoralize the staff but also give handle for willful harassment and victimization by higher Officials.

NFIR, therefore, requests the Cabinet Secretary who is also the Chairman of the JCM, to kindly hold meeting with the Staff Side representatives for resolving the issues amicably through discussions.

Yours sincerely
(Dr. M.Raghavaiah)
General Secretary.