Thursday, August 11, 2016


                ALL   INDIA  POSTAL  EMPLOYEES   UNION  GROUP  ‘ C’,
                                      TEYNAMPET,  CHENNAI 600 018
 P. MOHAN                                    J. RAMAMURTHY                                   A. VEERAMANI
PRESIDENT                              CIRCLE  SECRETARY                            FIN. SECRETARY

No. P3/ Four monthly                                                              dt. 11.8.2016                                                                                                                         

The Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

Respected Sir,

Sub:  Four monthly meeting with the service unions  proposed during this month – Reg.
The under mentioned item of subjects are  proposed to be placed for discussions during the ensuing four monthly meeting. The same may kindly be entertained.

The old items of the  FMM dt.27.4.2016, which were not treated as closed and not settled till date  may also be taken up  for discussions.

For eg. Subjects : (1) Bandwidth Status (2) Status of Statistical reports (3) Redrawal of officials on over tenure/sensitive branches despite given detailed lists on several RJCM and FMM meetings- Categorical status on the list is wanted (5) Non grant of advance of TA in TBM Dn. and  non grant of TA to CBS squad – no settlement till date. (6) Service book updating and getting the signature of the individual officials in token of allowing to see the service book, not made in any division till date

New items :-

1.     Request to process the pending Rule 38 transfer cases in linking with Annual Direct Recruitment and delinking with Cadre Restructuring Orders, since this has not been carried out after the year 2013 which resulted in abnormal pendency of transfer requests. As per the rules laid down on this subject under Vol. IV and subsequent GIO, the process of rule 38 is to be completed before chalking out the ADR for rectt. to a particular year and vacancy in PA cadre is to be assessed by taking into account  the Rule 38 transfers. 

2.     Request for making security arrangements for all ATMs throughout the State from Security Agency Services, since the present system of deputing existing MTS officials for ATM security duty round the clock in shifts on all the days, is hampering the entire services, in the   shortage scenario.

1.                 3.   Request for construction of additional rooms at the open terrace of Park Town HPO for the purpose of dining and rest room for postman and other male staff and for records. At present, there is no dining or rest room for postman and other male staff. The present room provided, is within the toilet area, with foul smell throughout the day leading to health hazards. Similar is the case of ladies dining hall.  Nearly 100 officials are working. Adequate space is not available to keep records too. Further there is leakage of rain water in the second floor.  If the rooms are constructed, this would serve the purpose of arresting the leakages.

The following office bearers will be attending the meeting. Necessary arrangements may kindly be made for granting special CL/Relief to them.

1.  Sri. J. Ramamurthy, Circle Secretary, AIPEU Gr. C, TN & APM, T. Nagar HPO 600 017/CCC.   
2.  Sri. P.Mohan, Circle President, AIPEU Gr. C, TN @ Park Town HPO , Chennai 600 001.

With regards,