Saturday, August 13, 2016


Dear Com. 

Already we have obtained standing orders  on this subject from Dte. and CPMG,TN , on failure of Finacle/Sify that either it  may connected to BO transactions  or with S.O. transaction and that should be adhered to  at ground level. If there any particular order of the ground level officers to squeeze the officials, that may be brought to the notice of the Circle Union for taking further action with CPMG,TN.

As for as RD  bulk lists from agents,  the following order was already issued , which is already published in TN Circle Union web site.Iam once again reproducing this order below.
From: Deputy Director (CEPT) <>

Date: 13 August 2016 at 13:46

Subject: :: Invoking BCP in accounting RD Bulk list of agents in to Finacle::

Respected Sir(s) / Madam(s), 

Since Finacle is experiencing extreme slowness and post offices are unable to upload the RD bulk generated from web portal, in consultation with FS Division, it was decided to invoke BCP for accepting RD bulk list from agents upto 18thAugust 2016 (With a back value date for 3 days – without any penalty).

The process would be as follows:

1.     The reference IDs must be generated only from Web Portal
2.    We are allowing Finacle System to accept these reference IDs generated from the Portal without penalty upto 18thAugust 2016
3.    This facility will be restricted from 18th day end and this will not be available from 19th onwards.
4.    Post offices may have to instructed on the lines of SB orders issued to regulate the accounting of these RD bulk lists alone.
5.    CPCs SPOCs are requested to communicate this to post offices immediately, so that they need not wait late in the evening for processing the pending lists
6.    All files which are pending in the queue which are due for verification would be attended to before 3 PM today.
7.    Hence, POs may be instructed not to add more list starting from now, as they can deal these lists up to 18th August 2016.

Yours Sincerely,

(V M Sakthivelu)
Deputy Director CEPT