Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Schedule of Fees of Savings Bank and Savings Certificate

Schedule of Fees of Savings Bank and Savings Certificate 

Collection of out station cheques, upto RS 1000= Rs 30/-

Beyond Rs 1000 per Rs 1000/-     = Rs3/-

Issue of Duplicate passbook (in the shape of Postage stamps)= Rs10/-

Transfer of a/c from one po to another po= free 

Supply of ledger copy, For every 30 entries= Rs2/-

Certificate of Balance in SB/RD/TD accounts = free

Certificate of annual interest paid in TD accounts = free

Registration of Nomination or Variation of Nomination other than first ( in the shape of Postage stamps) = Rs1/-

Issue of Fresh Passbook in lieu of used up = free

Issue of Fresh passbook for spoiled one= Rs10/-(in shape of postage)

Issue of Certificate of SAS Commission = Rs1/-

Transfer of PPF account from one P.O to Another = free

Issue of Duplicate Passbook of PPF account = Rs1/-

Issue of duplicate passbook of SCSS account - 

= For first time= Rs10/-
= For 2nd and all subsequent time= Rs20/-

Issue of Certificates of Holding of Savings accounts or savings Certificate = free

Issue of Certificate of accrual of annual interest = free

Transfer of SCSS account from one PO to another

1.Where amount of deposit is less than one lakh= free

2.Where amount of deposit is above lakh

(a) for first transfer per lakh= Rs5/-

(b) for second transfer per lakh = Rs10/-

Issue of duplicate NSC (per certificate) = Rs5/-

Conversion of NSC from one denomination to another (per certificate) = Rs5/-

Transfer of NSC from one person to another (per certificate)= Rs5/-

2nd registration of nomination or variation of nomination of NSC (per certificate) = Rs5/-

Pledging or pledge releasing of NSC Certificate (per certificate) = Rs5/-

Transfer from deceased holder to heir of NSC ( per certificate)= Rs5/-

Certificate of discharge of NSC (per registration NO).= Rs5/-

For attestation of specimen signature of SB depositor for purpose other than SB work per attestation
= Rs10/-