Thursday, December 31, 2015


Ref: CONF/NJCA/2015                                                                                          Dated – 30.12.2015

Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra
Secretary, JCM (NC) Staff Side
& Convenor, NJCA
JCM National Council Office
13-C, Feroz Shah Road, New Delhi - 110001

Dear Comrade,
Kindly refer to your circular letter of 21st December, 2015 wherein you have reiterated the decisions taken at the meeting of the NJCA on 8th December, 2015.  We have already  advised our affiliates to carry out the programmes slated for 30th December, 2015 and 19 to 21st January, 2016.  The employees have realized that the report of the 7thCPC is  the worst  ever in the history of wage revision of the Central Govt. employees.  They have also realized that a show down is inevitable to  change the situation. 

We feel in the given situation, it is the bounden duty of NJCA to provide leadership, unite the employees and lead the struggle, which alone can bring about tangible improvements. Though for the Confederation and its affiliates, strike ballot is not mandatory, we shall go through the process for it will enable our State and District level leaders to explain the various retrograde recommendations of the 7th CPC to the rank and file of the membership.

We, however, feel that the strike ballot, if taken say by the end of January, will help us to create a salutary impact at the time of discussions.  We also feel that the Government might hold consultation with us only once at the level of the Cabinet Secretary.  Besides, As per the decision  of the meeting of NJCA of 8th December, 2015, we are to  conclude the negotiation with the Government by the first week of February so that we would be able to declare the date of strike in the slated meeting of the NJCA on  8th Feb. 2015.  In the circumstance, we suggest that the decision for the strike ballot may be taken immediately and the same is concluded by the end of January, 2016 i.e., before the declaration of the date of commencement of indefinite strike. You may kindly hold discussions with the NJCA members over the phone and if agreed upon take appropriate decision to hold the strike ballot by the end of January, 2016.

We make this request for it may pose some difficulties for us to go in for the strike ballot later than January. 2016.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,
(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General