Wednesday, December 16, 2015


                 ALL INDIA  POSTAL  EMPLOYEES   UNION  GROUP ‘ C’,  TN,                             D4, Dr.Subbarayan nagar Postal Qtrs., Teynampet, Chennai - 18
  P. MOHAN                                        J. RAMAMURTHY                           A. VEERAMANI
  PRESIDENT                                CIRCLE  SECRETARY            CIR FIN . SECRETARY                  
No. P3/BMM/CR                                                                                                         dt.  16.12.2015

The Postmaster General,
Western Region,
Coimbatore  641 002.

        Sub:  Subjects for bi-monthly meeting  with the PMG, WR on 29.12.2015  - Reg.

The under mentioned item of subjects are proposed to be taken up for discussions with the PMG, WR during the ensuing bi-monthly meeting. The same may kindly be entertained.

The old items pending unsettled may kindly be added with the new subjects.

New Items:-    
1.     Request to stop harassment of the officials by fixing Target for RPLI/SB Accounts and calling the officials to R.O. in the name of poor performer. The CPMG,TN  categorically assured that, no target has been fixed to indoor officials and there will be no harassment in the name of either RPLI or SB account opening. It is officially recorded in the RJCM minutes also but blatantly violated in Western Region.

2.  Request for dequarterisation / suspension of quarters of various offices in Namakkal Division.

i) Case of  Chithalanandur S.O. -  The quarters portion is insufficient and unfit for occupation. The issue has been discussed with the SPOs by the Divl. Union and it is reported that the proposal has been forwarded to R.O. for approval. ii)Suspension of quarters of Pallipalayam Agraharam S.O. -  There is no basic amenities in the quarters. This issue has also been discussed with the SP but no action seems to be taken. 

3.  Request to attend various office maintenance works like repairing/ replacing outlived UPS/Batteries, supply of cash counting machines etc.

Eg. i) In Erode Dn. UPS/Batteries have to  be replaced in more than 20 offices out of 68 offices including three HPOs. ii)In Udumalpet HO of Pollachi dn. all the batteries are not supporting even for Few seconds.  Whenever power cut occurs even on minor works, the server is suddenly closed which Results in loss of data.
iii)  In Tirupur area , being business centric for all States, floating of fake currencies is at high  and almost  all the offices are required fake currency detector and  further in all HOs and  major S.O.s  cash counting machine  is much  required.

The under mentioned office bearers will be attending   the   meeting.  Necessary arrangements may kindly be made for granting special CL and relief to them.

1. Sri. J. Ramamurthy, Cir. Sec., AIPEU Gr. C TN @ D4, P&T Quarters, Teynampet,
    Chennai 600 018.
2. Sri. A. Rajendran, Regional Secretary,  AIPEU GR.C ,WR at Tirupur North  P.O., Tirupur Dn.

 With regards,