Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tamilnadu AIPRPA 2nd Conference held at Coimbatore on 19.12.2015 & 20.12.2015, a great success

மூத்த  தலைவர்களை  ஒரு  சேரப்  பார்த்த  அஞ்சல்  
தொழிற்சங்க வரலாற்று  சிறப்பு  மிக்க  மாநாடு  ! 
அஞ்சல்  RMS ஓய்வூதியர்கள்  சங்க மாநாடு !

The 2nd State Conference of All India Postal & RMS Pensioners Association Tamilnadu State was held in Coimbatore City from 19th to 20th December, 2015.The Reception Committee headed by its Chairman Comrade P.R.Natarajan (Ex-Member of Parliament) and Comrade S.Karunanidhi (General Secretary) had made excellent arrangements for the State Conference and a band of volunteers from AIPRPA District Committee and NFPE P4 and GDS Coimbatore Divisional organizations made the conference very successful with their dedicated involvement.

Comrades A.G.Pasupathy (Patron).V.Sridharan (All India Advisor); D.Gopalakrishnan (CHQ Vice President AIBSNLPWA); C.K.Narasimhan (Circle Secretary AIBDPA); S.Ragupathy (Assitant Secretary General NFPE); J.Ramanurthy (CHQ President P3 NFPE); R.Chandraprakash (AIPRPA State Working President & former BPEF P3 CHQ President); N.Chinnasamy (State President Tamilnadu Electricity Board Pensioners Welfare Association); Y.Nagabhushanam (AIPRPA CHQ AGS); H.V.Kurup (AIPRPA CHQ OGS); V.Janakiraman (AIPRPA CHQ OGS); K.Shanmugha Sundar Raj (AIPRPA CHQ OGS); M.Sudhakaran (President Coimbatore CGPA) addressed the session. The Guest of Honour Smt.Manju P.Pillai the Postmaster General of Western Region Tamilnadu Circle attended our Conference and greeted. Her speech highlighted the importance of Pensioners Movement and assured her administration's help in genuine issues of pensioners.

There was a memorable occasion in the Conference when the former Secretary General NFPTE and senior most leader of P&T movement Comrade D.Gnaniah was given a special honour by the Conference. Comrade D.Gnaniah who is on the verge of completing 95 years of age also delivered a special address to the conference with recollecting the entire history of P&T movement. Comrades AGP, Thanjai Sadasivam and K.Ragavendran General Secretary spoke before the speech of Comrade D.Gnaniah and remembered his great role in building the P&T Movement. 

The State Conference nominated a Patron and an Advisor to the 
State Association as follows:

Patron: A.G.Pasupathy
Advisor: K.V.Sridharan

Thereafter the following Comrades were unanimously 
elected as the State Office Bearers for the ensuing term:

State President: M.Kannaiyan
State General Secretary: K.Ragavendran – Chennai
State Treasurer: S.Santhanaraman – Vellore

The Reception Committee got great appreciations from all in general and by the State Association in particular for making the Conference a memorable one to all participants. All the volunteers of Reception Committee were honoured by the leaders of the State and CHQ at the end of the Conference.