Monday, December 7, 2015


I am directed to intimate that the CBS End User Training session to be conducted from 7.12.15 to 12.12.15 has been cancelled due to continuous rains in all areas of  CCR. The officials/trainers who have reported for the training may kindly be releived immediately so as to enable them to report at their respective offices.  Matter most urgent. 


Asst. Director (Tech & BD)
O/o the PMG CCR
Chennai 600 002



On 2 December 2015 at 12:42, Asst. Director  -  I am directed to inform you that the migration on 3rd and 4th has  been cancelled and it has been intimated to the Regions already. PG <> wrote:

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From: aipeup3tn tncircle <>

Asst. Director ( SB & FS )
O/o the Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Circle
Chennai 600002

Instructions from CPMG dated 3.12.15

1.Ensure cleanliness of the office on sat and sunday so that the staff can work in a clean place and the public can transact peacefully. Every postmaster should take initiative for the same. 

2. This will avoid cleaning of office on Monday during business hours. Organise required number of sweepers/cleaners for this. 

3. Check up electricity and connectivity locally. It will be difficult to get electricians as they will be in great demand. Therefore it is necessary to get these things set right when there is time. We should not wait for electrical wing for minor issues. 

4. Check up diesel for generator and purchase if needed to run the generator on monday

5. Check up functioning of generator and take action to repair/rectify

6. Assess the damage to furniture and hardware/generator.

7. Check up problems of staff and attend

8. Check up working of ATMs and if cash is not loaded contact the agency and also report to CO control room. 

9. Open the mail bags and do beat sorting so that window delivery can be arranged if postmen do not  go to the beat. 

10. Check up availability of drinking water for staff and public and take action for the same.

11. Operate the fans so that the bad smell disappears. 

All divisional heads with the help of their PRI, IP and ASP should complete at least one visit to each post office by tuesday and assess the damage and report to RO/CO.

A meeting of div heads of CCR  will be arranged on wednesday at CO along with Civil wing and electrical wing to priorotise the issues. 

Control rooms should continue funcitoning till situation becomes normal. 


1. The staff attending the office/control rooms  may be given full support by providing food and drinking water if required.

2. Necessary arrangement  for drinking water may be made by buying water as per requirement as a welfare measure.

3. Staff held up in the office due to flood situation may be provided with necessary facilities like food and water and other things  to the extent possible. 

4. If any staff is in need of any help control room may be contacted for organising help. 

5. Staff who are not in a position to attend work due to flood situation may be given special casual leave as per rules. 

6. If staff need clothes etc, some divisions like Erode have collected material. It can be made available. 

7. All the staff may be directed to take precautionary  steps to protect the equipment in the office. 

8. MMS Manager will monitor the mail movement in the city and outside and report dislocations etc. to control room